Solid wood, timeless design, perfectly hand-ground rounded edges. This is VALERIE's bed.


Make your bed in the clouds

If you long for furniture that harmonizes the beauty of natural wood with modern design, the VALERIE bed is just right for you. This beautiful bed will not only provide you with the perfect place to rest, but will also become the centerpiece of your bedroom.

Solid wood for durability

Each piece of wood used for the VALERIE bed is carefully selected and processed to ensure longevity and the charm of the natural material. This makes the bed not only visually impressive, but also wear-resistant.


A levitating appearance

Have you ever wanted to sleep in the air? With the VALERIE bed it will be possible! Thanks to its construction, the bed seems to levitate in the air, creating a magical and unique feeling. Every night will be an experience for you that you will be happy to remember.

Combining craftsmanship and technology

While solid wood speaks of traditional craftsmanship, the VALERIE bed does not hide a touch of modern technology. All this in order to achieve the highest possible comfort and user-friendliness.

Top quality material from Czech forests

The basis is quality wood

As one of the last manufacturers in the Czech Republic, we produce bedrooms from our own massive continuous joint. Only in this way can we ensure maximum quality, strength and durability of the material.

This beauty is available in two types of wood, OAK and OAK RUSTIC . OAK is pure, from carefully selected wood without knots. The DUB RUSTIK variant is characterized by its disparity. Knots and cracks underline the natural character of this wood.

Our quality
A joy to caress

Perfectly rounded edges

The rounding of all furniture edges and precise manual sanding make it a pleasure to sit down in the evening or get out of bed in the morning. In addition, thanks to the recessed plinth, you don't have to worry about tripping over the legs of the bed. The strength and stability of the entire bed is still more than top-notch.

How we make furniture
Color combinations according to your imagination

Options for your bedroom

In harmony with nature, solid oak wood can be surface treated with furniture stain (varnished surface) or natural oil (without varnish). Shades of staining and oils can be selected according to our sample book, or we can mix a shade on request based on the sample you provide. We treat furniture made of DUB RUSTIK wood only with HONEY and NATUR oil.

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