Transport and assembly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia


In order to provide you with a complete service, we will be happy to deliver everything to you by our own transport. You can choose from several types of transport or personal collection.

Transport JELÍNEK

At your request, we can arrange for you transport or assembly of our products. We have several of our own cars and deliver the furniture in regular deliveries throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Shipping cost

  • up to 100 km 2 % from the order price (the minimum import price is CZK 290)
  • over 100 km 3 % from the order price (the minimum import price is CZK 290)

Calculated from the price list prices of products and distance from Valašské Meziříčí. Included delivery to the apartment is not included.
Based on our experience, we recommend this type of transport, especially when ordering furniture.
The SÁRA Comfort, SÁRA Spirit, SÁRA Boxspring, SÁRA MAX and DIANA mattresses are packed in a flat bag.

Personal collection at JELÍNEK stores

In the case of ordering mattresses or other small accessories (pillows, spare components,…), we offer the possibility of personal collection free of charge at one of our corporate stores in Prague, Brno, Valašské Meziříčí or Bratislava. Personal collection of furniture is possible only in Valašské Meziříčí.

Transport TOPTRANS

The price is calculated based on your delivery address (postal code) and the shipping weight of the entire order. TOPTRANS transport is suitable for larger shipments, especially for mattresses, components and accessories thanks to fast delivery times (3-7 days for standard mattresses and accessories). The driver unloads the goods behind the first lockable door. In the case of cash on delivery, the driver can only pay in cash.

DPD transport

DPD transport is suitable for smaller shipments (components, protectors, covers, etc.). The price for transport is from CZK 200 depending on the shipment. Delivery time is up to one week.


We most often deliver furniture in an assembled or pre-assembled state and its assembly is usually not complicated. However, if you wish to have the delivery and assembly of furniture without worries, use professional assembly with our technicians. We will import, take out, assemble and clean up after each other. Enjoy the comfort of home with new solid wood furniture or orthopedic mattresses and leave the worries to us.

  • Wardrobes, beds and storage spaces we deliver in a disassembled state, packed in a carton.
  • Other products such as bedside tables, slats, adjustable bed frames, chests of drawers, armchairs, chairs and tables they are usually assembled, packed in a carton or foil.
  • Mattress is shipped in a shipping bag.

The price of assembly (with rendering) is 2 % from the price of the order (calculated from the price list prices of products).

Transport with assembly (installation in the apartment is included):

If you choose our transport JELÍNEK with delivery and assembly, we charge for transport see. above + assembly (rendering) 2 % from the order price, in total 4-5 % from the price of the order.