Since 1897

Our family tradition

We have been passing it down for five generations
love of wood.

Our annual rings
Cross section of history

With passion
for annual rings

Our history dates back to 1897 and during its existence has undergone many changes, whether ownership, political or recent economic crisis. Despite all these changes, we are a 100% family business with more than 80 employees.

We believe
in honest



David Jelínek

The youngest of the Jelínek family and the upcoming successor in the family business.

Daniel & Tomas

The current directors of the company, renewers of the production tradition after restitution in the 90s.

1949 - 1991

Nationalized during the communist regime

Vlastimil Jelínek

During the communist regime, family property was expropriated. Vlastimil Jelínek moves to Prague, where he continues to raise his sons in the carpentry trade.

1933 - 1938

Interruption due to
economic crisis

Jindřich Jelínek

Personality with an entrepreneurial spirit. Originally an employee of Josef Volek, he became the successor of the company thanks to his marriage to his daughter and helped it flourish during the economic crisis of the 1930s.


Josef Volek

The founder of the Jelínek company, which determined the quality standards of furniture production in Wallachia.

Since 1938, we have been guided by the motto that
Jindřich Jelínek was the first to speak.

"Honest work
gain trust
customers. "

They visited us from the show

Made in the Czech Republic

In 2017, we celebrated 120 years anniversary since the founding of the company. Within us, Stream television visited the show Made in the Czech Republic.
See our story too.


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  • Carpentry workshops

    From the original carpentry workshop on Palacká Street, a new furniture factory was established, which was one of the most successful companies at the end of the 1920s. 

  • Manufacture of artistic furniture

    Manufacture of artistic furniture. Banks, offices, insurance companies and private apartments were furnished with Volek's stylish art furniture. 

  • Work in the workshop

    Work in a carpentry workshop.

  • Workshop workers

    Joint photo of furniture production employees in the middle with Josef Volek from 1910.

  • Cartoon design of chest of drawers

    Artistic design of a chest of drawers.

  • Cartoon bedroom design

    Original cartoon design of a historic bedroom.

  • Historic chest of drawers

    Made historic chest of drawers.

  • Sideboard, serving table and desk

    Cartoon design of a sideboard, serving table and desk.