The bed is one of the most amazing inventions of all time. During sleep, a person is able to regenerate up to 90% of his physical and mental strength. Choosing the right mattress has a decisive effect on whether you wake up rested and full of energy in the morning. For healthy sleep and perfect relaxation, we offer orthopedic slatted mattresses SÁRA Basic, SÁRA Klasik, SÁRA Komfort, SÁRA Spirit and SÁRA Boxspring.


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Do you want to wake up feeling rested in the morning?

So sleep well and well! We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and its quality is also reflected in the remaining two.

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Why orthopedic slatted
mattress from JELÍNEK?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We believe in ensuring that your sleep is quality and without compromise! We know it takes time to get used to a new mattress. And that's why we give you the opportunity to try our mattresses in the comfort of your own home for up to a period of time 101 nights with a money back guarantee.


Thanks to the construction of the slatted frame, the mattress can "breathe" and remove unwanted moisture very well. All foam and coating materials are also breathable. Thanks to the excellent breathability, an environment suitable for bacteria, fungi and mites is not created in the mattress.

Proper spine support

The orthopedic slatted grid built into the mattress can ideally adapt to your figure, allowing your body the necessary relaxation. The correct position of the spine will reduce the pressure on the intervertebral discs and ensure their necessary regeneration.

Long mattress life

We are thinking of you and nature. That is why we take care to choose high-quality materials with a long service life. Quality cold HR or latex foams, beech slats and all covers will serve you for many years.

Made in Wallachia

Everyone is a little different. That's why we make SÁRA mattresses to measure exactly according to the needs of your body. Not sure about the correct configuration? Our mattress selection guide is here for you.

Renewable components

The SÁRA mattress is like a jigsaw puzzle. Not only will we make it for you, but you can also replace the individual components with new ones at any time and thus extend the life of the mattress or change its configuration.