Mattress SARA Basic

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Mattress SARA Basic

The SARA® Basic mattress is the basic mattress from our offer. Its properties make it suitable for young active sleepers and children.  

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  • 101 nights to test the mattress
    101 nights to test the mattress
  • Anatomically correct support
    Anatomically correct support
  • Breathable mattress
    Breathable mattress
  • Non-hazardous materials
    Non-hazardous materials
  • Product description

    Unique lamellar system

    The basis of SARA® orthopedic slatted mattresses is a flexible slatted grid that is built into the mattress. It can sufficiently firmly and sensitively copy the shape of the body in any position, properly support it, perfectly relax and stretch it.
    When sleeping on the side, the axis of the spine remains straight, when lying on the back in its natural, physiologically curved shape. Thanks to this, you will wake up refreshed and rested.
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    Satisfaction Guaranteed – 101 nights to test the mattress

    We believe in ensuring that your sleep is quality and without compromise! We know it takes time to get used to a new mattress. And that's why we give you the opportunity to try our mattresses in the comfort of your own home for up to 101 nights with a FREE mattress return guarantee.

    Choice of weight category

    Choose your weight category for proper back support. This is determined by springy longitudinal PUR stringers of different hardness, thanks to which the lamellar grid is shaped. The sprung PUR stringers of the SARA® Basic mattress, size 8x8 cm, can be selected according to the user's weight and the hardness of the mattress can be adjusted in the following weight categories:
    • up to 60 kg - dark gray rectangles
    • 60-80 kg - blue rectangles
    • 80-110 kg - pink rectangles
    • over 110 kg - orange rectangles

    Breathable and durable HR foam

    In order for the weight of your body to be distributed evenly on the slatted grate, a high-quality distribution layer is needed. Cold PUR foam is a very strong, flexible and above-standard breathable spreading layer. Tiny bumps aerate the surface of the mattress and thus limit the occurrence of dust mites, which need a moist environment to live. PUR foam will be the right one for you if you prefer a hard mattress or if you need a mattress for children.

    Made to measure in Valašské Meziříčí

    We can customize the length and width of the mattress according to your requirements. Easy even by centimeters. We will also be happy to make a partner double mattress for you according to the individual needs of each user.
    With the SARA Basic mattress, you can choose from three types of covers - Cotton, Micro Active and Aloe Vera, and as with all our orthopedic mattresses, there is the option of individual adjustment according to the weight of the user.

    A practical and comfortable mattress for healthy sleep

    All JELÍNEK mattresses are equipped with a removable washable cover, stitched with an anti-allergic hollow fiber layer.
    Thanks to its construction, the SARA® mattress has a lot of space for air inside and is therefore highly breathable. This system guarantees good ventilation, quick moisture removal (e.g. if you sweat more) and creates a dry environment where mites do not breed.
    For the mattress to function properly, it is important that it lies on a solid and level surface, e.g. on a thick slatted grid, board, etc.
    Mattresses should be placed in beds with side panels. We recommend sinking the lying surface approx. 5 cm.
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