Mattress SARA Spirit

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Mattress SARA Spirit

A unique sleep system wrapped in a practical and modern design. Sleep in a clean and comfortable environment. Regenerate and indulge in recharged energy throughout the day!

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  • Anatomically correct support
    Anatomically correct support
  • Breathable mattress
    Breathable mattress
  • Renewable mattress life
    Renewable mattress life
  • Non-hazardous materials
    Non-hazardous materials
  • Product description

    Mattresses from the SÁRA SPIRIT collection are made of high-quality, non-hazardous materials. They are very comfortable thanks to the correct support of the body during sleep and thanks to the perfect removal of body moisture. The hardness or softness of the mattress can be set according to the weight category of the user even during the use of the mattress.

    The mattress is characterized by a very long service life with the possibility of replacing worn components, such as the cover, spreading layer or longitudinal beams, thus saving your wallet.

    For a closer examination of the unique features of the SÁRA Spirit mattress, click here

    Delivery dates for SARA Spirit in all cases:

    • standard dimensions 80, 90, 100 x 200 cm within 1 week
    • other dimensions (not in stock) 3 weeks + delivery to you

    The upper part of the cover can be easily unclipped and washed in the washing machine.
    Instructions on how to replace the mattress cover can be found >> HERE <<


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