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How we make furniture

Our furniture is not just created, it is a summary of functionality and design.

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Material selection

What materials do we use?

Wood is a noble natural material that needs to be approached responsibly and ecologically. That is why we pay attention to the selection of quality material and precise processing, so that the furniture lasts and brings joy for generations. Each solid wood product is an original, which brings a soothing atmosphere to the interior with its natural pattern and scent.

First step

Drying of the material

In order to guarantee the quality of the furniture produced, we purchase raw materials from reputable suppliers. OAK and BEECH woody plants comes from from Czech and Slovak forests. ZIRBE wood is harvested in the Austrian Alps at an altitude of over 1600 m.

In order to guarantee dimensional stability, it is very important to dry solid wood well.

A year in the fresh air

Natural drying in the outdoor warehouse helps to eliminate unwanted stresses in the wood. Within 1 year in fresh air we obtain the required moisture content of the material 20-23 %.

Drying in the dryer

But in the air alone it is not enough. We dry the wood edges in an oven to a humidity of 8-9 %, which is a basic condition for the production of solid wood furniture.

And we're going to the saw!

We will take the dried wood edges to the cutting room and we can start working!

Solid and natural material

On quality
we care

We examine each edge of the wood, select the best pieces, and then cut out wood defects such as unwanted knots, sapwood or cracks.
You may be surprised, but we can only use 30-35 % from the original amount of input material for your furniture. We burn the rest in an ecological way and thus heat our production hall, or we sell the excess and unusable pieces as fuel. We also make decorative split panels from the remains.

Starting material


We cut out the battens on special saws, which we carefully saw again and glued on a large press. This gives us the so-called joint , i.e. the basic material for further processing. Thanks to the fact that we make the joint by hand, we can guarantee that the cut slats match each other as much as possible, even in color.

It's the machines' turn

Modern technology

After planing and gluing, the massive parts (friezes) and joints continue to the calibration grinder. Calibration to exact thickness is an absolutely necessary prerequisite for further error-free structural machining on modern CNC machines, on which furniture parts are shaped and drilled. This is followed by final sanding on a wide belt sander.

You can wring your hands

Hand sanding &
pickling, oiling

Where a wide belt cannot reach, the skilled and sensitive hands of our grinders step in. By precisely grinding all sharp edges, arches and depressions, the natural beauty of solid wood stands out in all the details, which underline our slogan that " touching or looking at our furniture does not hurt ".
The next step is the surface treatment of the wood. We treat the surface of our furniture with ecological colorless varnish or natural "natural" oil . Infusing with oil continues the traditions of the old masters. The customer can choose from different shades of staining or oils according to our basic sample book. Shades can also be adapted to individual customer requirements.

We're almost at the finals


In order for orders to be dispatched flawlessly, the furniture parts must be in the right place, at the right time and in perfect quality. The place where this happens is the assembly hall.
After assembling the furniture, an output quality control is performed for each piece. We pack the furniture in strong five-layer cartons or in bubble and stretch film.
The wrapped package is provided with a sticker with the name of the product and thus ready, it looks forward to its customer.

And it is done!

Transport and assembly at customers

Our most popular stage is of course delivering the furniture to our customers. We have our own cars and our own installers who will take the furniture out, assemble it and clean it up after themselves . Enjoy the comfort of your home with new solid wood furniture or orthopedic mattresses and leave your worries to us.

Our team, our family

And who is behind it all?

They visited us from the show

In Czechia

In 2017, we celebrated the 120th anniversary of the founding of the company. As part of this, Stream TV visited us with the program Made in the Czech Republic .
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