Bedroom DITA and RADITA

We now also offer DITA and RADITA bedrooms in massive BEECH, OAK and RUSTIC OAK. For these bedrooms, it is also possible to choose the popular BUK CINK option - the furniture is made of solid beech wood with an adjustable joint (parquet look). The headboards and sides of the beds are made with a thickness of 25 mm, the legs of the bed are 40 mm thick.

Bedroom DITA and RADITA

Quality solid wood bed
at reasonable price

Beds DITA and RADITA made of galvanized beech are proof that you can sleep on quality bed at an affordable price. The furniture in the CINK collection was created as a more affordable variant of solid wood furniture. It will not only charm you interesting price, but also timeless design. We are happy to custom-make beds from this collection for you.


Clean shapes

Beauty in simplicity. A tried-and-true style that will fit into any bedroom. Simple and clean lines create a pleasant environment that promotes peace and relaxation.


Stable construction

Even with beds from the CINK series, we do not compromise on the quality of workmanship. The whole construction is simple, yet very strong and stable.


Easy installation

Anyone can assemble the DITA and RADITA beds without using special tools. However, for maximum convenience, you can use the services of our installers.


RADITA - without sharp edges

For greater comfort and safety in the bedroom, we bring RADITA bed. This bed is based on the popular DITA bed design and brings a new element - rounded corners.

From Czech forests

Quality beech wood

For the production of DITA and RADITA beds, we use massive BEECH, ZINC BEECH, OAK, RUSTIC OAK in different shades of oils and stains.
Bedroom DITA and RADITA ZINK we make it from solid beech in the design of an adjustable joint, the so-called ZINKA, which gives the entire bedroom a delicate parquet look. It is still about 100% solid, only a continuous joint is not used, but an adjustable joint.

Color combinations according to your ideas

Pickling or oiling

In accordance with nature, it is possible to finish solid oak wood with furniture mordant (painted surface) or natural oil (without varnish). Shades of pickling and oils are available according to our swatches, or we can mix the shade on request based on the sample supplied by you. You can configure all combinations in our e-shop.

DITA and RADITA bed variants 

We now also offer DITA and RADITA beds in widths of 160 and 200 cm. The height of the side edge of these beds is 47 cm.


Technical details

Height to the upper edge of the sidewall:47 cm 
Space for storing the grate (up to the upper edge of the side):height adjustable 
The power of the massifLegs 40 mm, sides 25 mm 
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