Home with the scent of nature

Solid wood furniture

Good sleep is the key

Collection of solid wood bedrooms

Choose a solid wood bedroom exactly according to your ideas. For the production of our bedrooms we use quality wood from Czech and Slovak forests, especially OAK, OAK RUSTIK, BEECH, BEECH CINK. We also produce some collections of bedrooms from alpine pine ZIRBE, which we import directly from the Austrian Alps.

A piece of nature in your living room

Collection of living room walls

The living room is a place to relax, but also to meet family or friends. We produce living walls for you from many different elements, which you can combine exactly according to your ideas.

Comfortable seating

Collection of sofas

Our sofas offer comfortable seating. We produce classic and modern sofas,
armchairs and coffee tables.

Pleasant dining

Dining sets

The dining table is a place where the whole family meets. Choose one that will exactly match
Your idea of comfort.

According to your wishes and preferences

Tailor-made furniture

If you have special wishes, we will be happy to fulfill them for you. We will be happy to prepare a 3D design for you, which we will adapt
According to your requirements and on its basis, we will produce atypical furniture according to your ideas.

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