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Make your sleep more enjoyable with anatomical pillows and increase the hygiene of the mattress by choosing the right mattress protector.

Anatomically shaped pillows

If your pillow does not provide enough support for the cervical spine, they can
you may experience headaches or neck pain after a while. That's why we are for you
developed the unique HUGO anatomically shaped pillow
from viscoelastic (memory) foam. It will enable your cervical spine and cervical spine
the muscles need relaxation, and you will feel better when you wake up in the morning
fresh and rested.

You can adjust the hardness of the pillow according to your requirements using replaceable cores. These replaceable cores (rollers) are part of the HUGO pillow package.

Mattress protectors

The protector is a very practical accessory for every mattress. It can effectively absorb moisture, thus protecting your mattress from sweat. Thanks to easy washing, it simplifies maintenance and improves the hygiene of the mattress. We recommend its use to all allergy sufferers.

Mattress protector COOLER

  • for the summer season
  • It is characterized by high heat absorption, which prevents the body from overheating during sleep
  • provides thermal comfort thanks to the cooling feeling

WARMER mattress protector

  • for the winter season
  • creates a perfect feeling of warmth
  • provides a warm and dry environment for good sleep
  • helps maintain temperature balance
  • eliminates odors and has a deodorizing effect

Foam mattresses

The DIANA mattress is a foam sandwich mattress. Thanks to its construction, it allows double-sided use with the option of choosing a softer or harder side. The basis of the core is high-quality PUR foam, which is characterized by high strength and breathability. The mattress is made with glue-free technology, which ensures better ventilation and easy maintenance.
You can choose from three types of covers - Cotton, Micro Active and Aloe Vera.

Compared to orthopedic slatted mattresses, our foam mattresses have only one weight category , which is determined by the hardness of the core.

Replacement components

We create our mattresses so that they serve you as long as possible. The individual components are not glued together, so you can easily replace them at any time, extend the life of the mattress and thus achieve maximum comfort again.

Longitudinal beams

The longitudinal beams carry the weight of the entire mattress and the sleeping person. For this reason, we recommend changing them after 7-10 years. We offer longitudinal members in weight categories up to 60 kg, 60-80 kg, 80-110 kg and over 110 kg.

Spread layers

Spreading layers degrade due to heat, sunlight, sweat and other influences and can become a source of mites and molds. Therefore, we recommend changing them best after 10 years.

Removable covers

It protects the core of the mattress and at the same time holds it together. For hygienic reasons, we recommend washing the covers
at least once a year. The length of time it will serve you is purely at your discretion.


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