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Excursion in production

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We produce in Valašské Meziříčí

How do we make solid wood furniture?

Come and experience the unique atmosphere of the JELÍNEK family business with a 125-year tradition. We will guide you through our company in Valašské Meziříčí and show you the individual steps in the production of solid wood furniture . You will see a unique combination of modern technology and honest craftsmanship resulting in solid wood products that have brought joy to people in their homes for generations.

Excursions for customers and the public

A tour of our company is suitable for anyone who wants to see under the hood of solid wood furniture production . Individuals, families, friends or acquaintances of all ages have our doors open.

The minimum group size is 5 people , the maximum is 10 people. It is possible to make an excursion for 2 groups within one day. If you are an individual or a larger group, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to devise an individual solution for you.

Excursions for schools

We also organize excursions for vocational schools, primary schools, secondary schools and universities . 

In the case of a larger number of students (over 20 people), please contact us and we will individually agree on how the excursion will take place.


Adults CZK 50/person.
Children under 15, students, seniors over 70 CZK 30/person.
Our customers for free

Visitors pay the entrance fee in cash before the start of the excursion.
For customers and their family members who have already purchased our products or have an offer in progress, excursions to furniture production are free.

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Excursion date reservation

Excursions take place on listed or individually agreed dates. On the excursion it is necessary to order in advance. 
The time range of the excursion is 90 to 120 minutes. Safety instructions must be followed during the excursion and visit order.


Arrange an individual excursion date

Jana Turková

Expedition clerk | Excursion to production