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Split panels

We make panels from OAK and ZIRBE wood species. Split OAK panels can be treated with natural or pigmented oil from our sample book. The split panels from ZIRBE alpine pine contain a high concentration of the substance PINOSYLVIN, which preserves the wood in a natural way, the released essence also destroys germs, has disinfectant effects and smells beautiful. Further surface treatment of ZIRBE wood is therefore not desirable.

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Wooden cladding

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We make custom-made panels according to the size you require. Cladding split panels are primarily intended for interior use. For outdoor cladding or at the request of the customer, we deliver split logs separately, without sticking to the base plate. The surface treatment can be natural oil or pigmented according to our basic swatches.

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How long does it take to make a panel?

Usually 8 weeks from closing the order.

What about delivery and assembly?

Our drivers will be happy to bring you split panels and, if you are interested, will carry out professional assembly on site.


Decorative chipped panels

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