We will create for you

Free 3D interior designs

What is your idea?

Do you already have an idea of what your interior should look like? Or are you not sure and need to clarify for yourself what you like and what you don't? We will be happy to advise or contact you inspire with our realizations.

We will create a custom 3D design

Do you only need to specify the basic layout of the room? Or do you need custom furniture exactly according to your ideas? We will be happy to design a modern and functional interior in accordance with your idea. Take a look already created 3D designs

Personal and online presentations

We will be happy to present the created 3D design to you in person at our showroom. If you do not have time to come to our personal meeting, we will be happy to send it to you by e-mail, or we will present it online (eg via Skype) and adjust the details with you.

I want a free 3D design

Free 3D design means execution basic visualization of furniture JELÍNEK in the customer's interior. The processing of the basic design itself is free and non-binding. Creating multiple design variants or modifying basic visualizations may be charged. In this case, the price for the 3D design is deducted from the contract price.

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Ing. Roman Komenda

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Antonín Rublič

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Karel Suchý

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