Dining table SABI and bench SABI

The SABI dining table is always ready to offer a seat to family, friends or unexpected guests. It will become a place where stories will be written and not only you, but also future generations will enjoy it.

Dining table SABI and bench SABI
More space, more joy

Space for your shared story

Every great story is born at the table. With this table, you get not only an elegant piece of furniture, but also a space where joyous family celebrations, romantic dinners and endless discussions with friends take place. SABI invites you to tell the best stories in the style and comfort you deserve.

Everyone sits down

A large selection of dimensional variants

One of the greatest strengths of the SABI table lies in its ability to unfold (it offers three unfolding options). Thanks to this function, the table can be easily and quickly adjusted to the size of your space and the number of guests. All you have to do is simply unfold it and the places for other guests are ready. You can then easily fold it back to its original size. In addition to practicality, the SABI table is also a beautiful piece of furniture.

Used material

The basis is quality wood

We make this table from solid BEECH, OAK or RUSTIC OAK with a sheet thickness of 25 mm and a straight edge.

Top level finish

Color combinations according to your imagination

Tables made of solid OAK or BEECH are treated with acrylic varnish with the option of staining to the desired shade according to the sample book.
Tables made of DUB RUSTIK wood are treated with NATUR natural oil, the top layer is durable table oil.
Large knots and cracks are natural in DUB RUSTIC OAK, which are filled with black.

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