For a calm and harmonious atmosphere in your living room.

Living wall DALILA

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Clean design

living room wall

Thanks to the perfect craftsmanship, all parts of the furniture set fit together and can be combined with each other.

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Two strength plates of chests of drawers

The upper plates of the chests of drawers are 25 mm thick for the DALILA collection and 40 mm for the DALILA LUX collection.



Quality workmanship

All products in this collection are made of harmless solid wood, which is then modified by the hands of our craftsmen.


Milled handle

The handle of chests of drawers and libraries is milled in the front fronts. The straight line of the handles optically extends the length of the drawer and makes opening very pleasant. At the door, the handle is milled in a vertical line.

Lots of variants

The DALILA collection offers
lots of elements

Chests of drawers and libraries from the DALILA collection can be freely combined. You can create a living set according to your ideas.

How we make furniture

different chests of drawers


different libraries

and even more custom combinations

Top material from Czech forests

The basis is quality wood

The ELEN living wall is available in two wood species, BEECH, OAK and OAK RUSTIK. 
OAK is clean, made of carefully selected wood without knots. Variant RUSTIC OAK is characterized by its inconsistency. Knots and cracks underline the natural character of this tree. BEECH it is lighter, more flexible and has a finer structure.

Our quality
Color combinations according to your ideas

Living room wall in many shades of wood

In accordance with nature, it is possible to finish solid oak wood with furniture mordant (painted surface) or natural oil (without varnish). Shades of pickling and oils are available according to our swatches, or we can mix the shade on request based on the sample supplied by you. We make furniture made in DUB RUSTIK wood only with oil HONEY and NATUR.

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How long does it take to make furniture?

Usually 8 weeks from closing the order. But for immediate delivery, we always have something in our Outlet.

What about delivery and assembly?

Our drivers will be happy to bring you our furniture and, if you are interested, will carry out professional assembly on site.


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