Inspired by nature.

Bedroom TEDA

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In connection with nature

It was created by combining traditional carpentry and upholstery crafts new bedroom TEDA.
The designers' intention was to combine solid "wild" wood with a pleasantly soft material. This combination gives the bed high strength, but at the same time it looks very cozy and also offers a practical possibility of support on the upholstered headboard.

Made in Wallachia

We produce furniture in Valašské Meziříčí with a tradition dating back to 1897.

Solid wood

We use solid wood from Czech and Slovak forests for production.

Modern design

We work with designers to design new collections.

Quality workmanship

Precise processing of furniture down to the smallest details.


Two variants of the forehead

You can choose from two forehead heights. The low variant consists of four panels in two rows, the higher variant consists of six panels in three rows. 


TEDA chest of drawers

A design accessory for the bedroom is a three-drawer TEDA chest of drawers, which offers practical storage space.



An elegant bedside table with a metal handle perfectly complements the design of the TEDA bed.

About the new collection

How did TEDA come about?

In this collection the natural beauty of wood is connected with minimal intervention in carving natural color runs, which are formed by nature itself.

The annual rings of the tree record its life, the weather in each year, but above all the energy and uniqueness of nature. The aim of the design is not to improve or clean anything, we want to bring the beauty of nature as it is. Each piece of our bed is original and nature itself is our partner and design co-creator.

TEDA collection co-author David says: "As a little boy, I admired the craftsmanship of my ancestors. I remember a walk in the woods with my grandfather, who could read in the trees and also showed me in the shapes of the branches the practical use of all parts of the tree. The branch, which was crooked, was not thrown away, but was used to make various household tools. It was playful nature that was the grandfather's co-creator. I am a mechanical engineer by profession and for some time I had the opportunity to work as an artistic blacksmith with an experienced blacksmith in Kaiserslautern, Germany. I have always enjoyed giving the material shape and utility value, but wood… This has fascinated me since I was a child, as it is a living material that is easy to machine and shape. If you take the wood in your hand, it warms you and, above all, it smells beautiful. That's one of the reasons I ran away from cold iron 25 years ago for the smell of wood. ”

We are aware that good design and expertise are important when creating products, which is why our studio has come together with leading designer Jakub Mužíkwho is a true master in his field and can tame our sometimes very daring creations and ideas. He was our right hand at designing tapestries upholstery master Jaroslav Kresta, who has been involved in this craft for more than a quarter of a century, adds David. "

"If you take the wood in your hand, it warms you and, above all, it smells beautiful."

Natural material

Massive sidewalls

The sides of the bed are softened by a thin cut line that delicately divides the large area of solid wood. The drawing of solid core ash or rustic oak gives the bed a "wild" natural look.

Upholstered forehead

Color combinations of the forehead

 The simple and clean design of the easily removable upholstered headboard panels gives the bed a unique look, but also practical use with the possibility of various color combinations.

The forehead is hung on the wall and can be hung to the height of your choice depending on the height of your mattress.

Top quality material from Czech forests

We rely on quality

For the production of the TEDA bed, we chose the wood species ASH JÁDROVÝ, RUSTIC OAK, or OAK. We decided on the first two types of wood because of their "wild" appearance. The wildness is a typical feature of this collection.
The DUB RUSTIK variant is characterized by its disparity. Knots and cracks underline the natural character of this wood. CORE ASH is naturally "mottled" and therefore in high demand.

Color combinations according to your imagination

Perfect finish

In harmony with nature, solid oak or ash wood can be surface treated with HONEY or NATUR natural oil .


creation of the TEDA collection


mm solid






Bed variants TEDA 

We will make the TEDA bed for you according to your wishes in several variants and size ranges. The bed can also be ordered in a variant without bedside tables.

Storage space

If you like to use your bedroom for lounging all day long and you don't want to see the bedding in your eyes, order storage space for your TEDA bed. The storage space for this bed is created by inserting the part at the headboard, side parts and bottom to the bevelled base. The bottom of the storage space lies on the ground.

Higher forehead

We also offer the TEDA bed in a variant with a higher headboard. The headboard of this bed is hung on the wall and can be hung to the height of your choice, most often according to the height of your mattress.



01. 01. 2022

Price list of TEDA bedroom in CZK




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Usually 8 weeks from closing the order. But for immediate delivery, we always have something in our Outlet.

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Our drivers will be happy to bring you our furniture and, if you are interested, will carry out professional assembly on site.


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Michal S., Prague

"We can recommend with a clear conscience"

"Dear Jelínek company team,

on Monday we received the ordered furniture for the complete furnishing of the bedroom. Everything went without a hitch and we are literally blown away by the new furniture. We have had many not-so-good experiences with Czech companies of all kinds in the past, so we were very pleased that we finally found one that not only met expectations, but also exceeded them. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the production and overall service, who did an honest job. We also have to appreciate the transport and installation. Both fitters were very helpful, fast, careful and above all good-natured, despite the fact that they had to get up very early and carry heavy loads.

The furniture from your company is not only very attractive, but also highly practical and beautifully crafted. It will undoubtedly accompany us for the rest of our lives and we will certainly not hesitate to order more equipment in the future. We can also recommend you with a clear conscience to anyone looking for quality."

Marta H., Modrice

"Still serving today"

"Approximately 20 years ago we bought your bedroom (beds and wardrobes), which still serve us in full quality. A little later another bed for my parents, this year we changed the mattresses and we are very satisfied. I mean, you are doing a great job at a high level and you have been on the Czech market for so many years. Thank you for your honest craftsmanship and I wish you strong nerves for years to come!"

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