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Guaranteed tips for getting up easier

17. Januar 2022

Winter is a period of rest, contemplation, but also long winter evenings and sleepy getting up. Can't you wake up for the first time during this period and move your alarm clock indefinitely? Are you looking for a solution to change these bad habits? So look no further and bet on 5 tips that will help you get up on your first attempt at energy for the whole day.

Guaranteed tips for getting up easier

1. Build simple sleep habits

If you get used to falling asleep and getting up at the same time every day, getting up will be more pleasant for you. Getting enough sleep is key to regenerating the body

The ideal sleep time for an adult is between 7-8 hours. In "Why We Sleep," author M. Walker explains what happens to you when you sleep less than six hours a day. With such a regimen, you weaken your body, which leads to a higher risk of disease (cancer, Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular disease), says the author.

You may have experienced for yourself that if you do not sleep, you have a greater appetite. This is due to the fact that the body changes the levels of two hormones. On the one hand, it produces a higher level ghrelin hormone (called a hunger hormone), which causes feelings of hunger. And at the same time a smaller level hormone leptinwhich points out that you are full. This can lead to gradual weight gain. 
If you have trouble falling asleep regularly at the same time, set a reminder at least 1 hour before you want go to sleep. This will allow you time to resolve the remaining responsibilities and calm your body and mind.


Bed ZIRBE according to studies will reduce your heart rate by up to 3,500 heartbeats per night. That's about 1 hour of heart activity. 

FLABO bed with upholstered headboard in ZIRBE wood

Instead of spending time on a mobile phone, computer or television, take a hot bath, listen to relaxing music or read the next chapter of your favorite book. Your dinner may also affect your sleep. If you eat heavy food (fatty meat, mushrooms, cabbage) before going to bed, your body will digest it longer and thus fall asleep harder. The opposite is also true when you lie down with an empty stomach. We generally recommend eating light and easily digestible food no later than 2 hours before bedtime. Keep that in mind proper sleep hygiene is the basis for getting up easily. 

Last but not least, sleep on natural and solid bedto help you Restore up to 90 % of your physical (and mental) strength. You will spend up to a third of your life in bed, so it pays to buy one that is high quality, preferably from solid wood. In addition, ours will last you for generations. The quality of sleep will be significantly supported not only by the bed, but also comfortable mattresseswhich can properly support your spine and relax it perfectly during sleep. We recommend trying our orthopedic slatted mattresswhich adapts perfectly to your figure, giving your body the relaxation it needs. We guarantee that you will wake up in the morning much more relaxed.


Don't know how to choose the perfect mattress for your back? We will advise you!

2. Say "no" to scrolling the alarm

Do your wounds sometimes look like you set the alarm off for another 5 minutes 10 times and then you feel like a "sack of a goofy" all morning? Your body is experiencing shock due to this bad habit. By constantly postponing the alarm, you are giving him confusing signals. Constant awakening and falling asleep again flushes out stress hormones, which have the task of starting the whole organism for the beginning of the day. Such a morning can result in a tired and unproductive day. 

The body loves routines, so it is important to follow regular exercise, diet and, of course, sleep. Try to get up at the same time every day, whether you have a job or a day off. Your body adjusts its biorhythms, and about two hours before the alarm rings, it will slowly wake up on its own. For example, it raises body temperature and flushes out stress hormones that help start the body.

If you happen to wake up to sleep, get up before the alarm rings. The body gives you a signal that now is the perfect time to start working. If you burrow into the duvets again and fall asleep, you will feel even more dormant and irritable the next time you wake up. Excess sleep crumbles with circadian system (biological rhythm - fluctuations between sleep and wakefulness) in the brain. This detuning can have similar effects, such as crossing time zones or excess alcohol. By sleeping regularly, you can suffer from a wide range of health problems (diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease). 


If you need to get up sooner than you normally do, go for it slowly. 

  • Set an alarm 10-15 minutes each day until you gradually get to your scheduled morning time. 

  • Keep in mind that if you want to get up earlier, you must also go to bed early, this is the only way to get the right sleep time.


3. Wake up to the light

Most of us don't want to get up in the dark. It dawns very early in the summer, so just pull out the curtains and welcome the sun. But what to do in the winter, when you usually get up in the dark? It can help you, for example smart lighting, which will help you wake up slowly before the alarm rings. Even the most ardent sleep alcoholics can wake up pleasantly even before the alarm clock rings.

How light awakens us:  

  • The slowly increasing amount of light gently moves you from the deep sleep phase to the lighter one, and thus you wake up much more naturally. 
  • Sunrise causes a decrease in the production of melatonin (sleep hormone) in your body and thus begins the waking phase. 
  • About 20-30 minutes after sunrise, the natural process of waking up in your body will automatically begin.

4. Keep the alarm clock away from the bed together
with a glass of water

There is nothing easier than setting the alarm on your bedside table for another five minutes. But if you move him away from the bed before going to bed, you will be forced to come to him and thus wake up. Have a glass of water ready at the alarm clock and drink at that moment. And even though you haven't wanted to yet, you're already awake. How easy!

5. Start the day with what you enjoy

Are you chasing the idea of what annoying is waiting for you that day or how much you have to do? Keep responsibilities that stress you out for later. Your personal morning rituals will help you do that.

Stretch for example quick morning warm-up. You will warm up stiff muscles, stimulate blood and expel endorphins into the circulation, which will put you in a pleasant mood for the whole day. Or try to practice a simple yoga set - greeting the sun - that everyone can do. Go for a run and after the exercise take a refreshing shower… Or, if you like lounging, make time for yourself, relax in comfortable armchair with coffee or tea and read a few pages from your favorite book.

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