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Solid wood furniture

Company Jelínek manufactures solid oak and beech furniture in a material thickness of 40 and 25mm in the production line MASIV and STANDARD.

Solid wood is a proven and proven material that meets all criteria for healthy living. Wood has a number of unique features, including high durability, durability and durability. Solid wood does not release any undesirable substances and is therefore also suitable for people suffering from allergies and young children. Furniture made of solid wood is also just as uncomprehended, bringing home a pleasant scent of nature and a cozy atmosphere. Wood is also a renewable raw material, and the production of solid wood furniture has no negative impact on the environment. Investing in wooden furniture will come back several times – not only to help you to live in a healthy environment, but also to keep your furniture in perfect condition for many years without having to change it.

What kind of wood are we producing?

Company Jelínek manufactures solid oak and beech furniture in a material thickness of 40 and 25mm in the production line MASIV and STANDARD.

The furniture from the MASIV series is made of solid wood, while the beech komodo bodies are made of dimensionally stable blockboard, which is veneered with natural veneer. Oak chests are made of a massive spruce. In the case of furniture with drawers, drawer cabinets are stained according to the selected customer’s color and are also equipped with dampened full-drawer and safety lock.

The furniture from the STANDART series has top panels, doors and drawers faces made of solid wood. The chest of drawers  bodies are made of DTD veneered with natural veneer, and drawer cabinets are made of lacquered beech plywood without pickling. The sockets are equipped with dampened semi-wires without locking.

Our company is also engaged in the production of popular bent furniture, which is made using traditional technology of solid laminated wood.

JELÍNEK produces massive furniture only from domestic wood species, which guarantee high quality and durability. Beech and oak wood is characterized by strength, hardness and durability. The furniture made of beech and oak wood has a fine drawing, it is pleasant and its appearance corresponds to the most desired trends for modern and natural interior. Both types of wood are also appreciated when you need really reliable, easy-to-maintain furniture. The oak and beech furniture is also resistant to moisture and mold formation.

Types of surface treatment

The colors of furniture picking can be chosen by each customer from the basic sampler. JELÍNEK also offers the possibility to create a special shade of pickling according to the customer’s individual requirement (own sample). The surface of JELÍNEK furniture is treated with high-quality, harmless varnish. You can also choose your favorite natural oil to finish the furniture.