Let yourself be surrounded by nature and use the bioactive power of ZIRBE wood.

BIO furniture made of solid wood ZIRBE

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ZIRBE pine
Queen of the Alps

Furniture made of solid ZIRBE wood will amaze you not only with its intense aroma. The high mountain alpine pine ZIRBE grows at an altitude above 1600 m.
In these conditions, it grows very slowly, and thanks to this, it accumulates a large amount of natural PINOSYLVIN essential oil , which has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and promotes better sleep.

Without surface treatment

Each part of ZIRBE furniture is perfectly hand-sanded and is not surface-treated with any varnish or oil. Only in this way can clean wood breathe freely and have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Without metal joints

The self-locking pin connection ensures high stability of the bed. Thanks to this solution, you can enjoy a comfortable and healthy sleep without the negative effects of metals, which are not included in ZIRBE furniture.

The unmistakable scent of nature

There is a high concentration of pinosylvin in the resin and needles, which strongly smells and has a healing effect. The released essence destroys germs, has a disinfectant effect and repels moths and insects. ZIRBE furniture literally pleasantly "smells" your bedroom.

Improve your sleep

Treat yourself to a deeper sleep

According to a study by the JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, staying in a ZIRBE environment has a positive effect on health. During an eight-hour nap, the sleeper's heart rate drops by up to 3,500 heartbeats, which represents about one hour of cardiac activity. This has a very positive effect on the quality of sleep. Sleep is deeper and more restful. This is also why we manufacture ZIRBE furniture without surface treatment and without metal joints so that the effect of ZIRBE on the human body is as natural as possible.

Sleep with the scent of nature

Sleeping in a ZIRBE wood bed as medicine

Folk healing and contemporary medicine confirm in their studies that the energy from the ZIRBE tree is able to heal both the soul and the body . It can heal, restore the disturbed biofield, rid the human body of fatigue and induce a feeling of relaxation in case of stress. ZIRBE wood also has antibacterial effects and is suitable for allergy sufferers .

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1600 m

minimum altitude for the growth of ZIRBE pine


metal joints


fewer heartbeats during sleep

Top material from the Alps

The basis is quality wood

The alpine tree ZIRBE grows at an altitude above 1600 m and can live up to 400 years . Already in ancient times, people discovered the mysterious power emanating from ZIRBE trees. During its life, the tree accumulates positive energy, which it is able to transmit during sleep and in your bedroom.

Lasering on request

Energy symbols

In harmony with nature, it is possible to burn energy symbols into full foreheads with a laser on request.

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