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5 tips for Christmas gifts not just for sleepers

09. December 2021

Wondering what gifts to buy for yourself or your loved ones this year? Warm socks or a wool sweater will please you at any time, but it probably won't impress you too much. On the other hand, a large box with a decorated ribbon is guaranteed to attract attention and light up the gifted eyes. Try this year to bet on a quality and practical gift that will make you happy for many years. You can start with our gift tips, which will please every sleeper.

5 tips for Christmas gifts not just for sleepers

We are chasing Christmas!


Order until Friday 17 December our mattresses, pillows, protectors or other accessories and by Christmas you will have 100% at home!

1. A pillow that doesn't hurt your neck

You know, you wake up in the morning and you can't move your neck properly. You feel broken and massage your stiff neck throughout the day.  How to get rid of these unpleasant sore throats? First, think about the position in which you sleep most often and choose the right pillow accordingly. If for example you like to sleep best non the side You should use a higher pillow that provides quality neck support so that the cervical vertebrae have a horizontal position. Also focus your attention on the pillow material and its

Properties. Maybe HUGO anatomical pillow is made of so-called "lazy foam" TERMOPUR, which responds well to heat and thus perfectly adapts to the anatomy of your head and neck. Unlike unadaptable and bloated pillows, you can use interchangeable with it cores Set different degrees of hardness according to your needs. Thanks to the correctly chosen pillow, you will sleep comfortably all night and you will not even remember the unpleasant pain behind your neck in the morning. 

Ideal pillow according to the sleeping position

Sleeping on your side - select higher pillow. Creates sufficient neck support so that your cervical vertebrae are horizontal. In general, the wider your shoulders, the higher the pillow should be. 

Sleeping on your back - You need lower pillowThat won't put too much pressure on your neck. Avoid a taller pillow, which can create muscle tension when lying on your back. This will unnecessarily strain your neck and spine.

Sleeping on your stomach - Choose very low and rather smaller pillow. When sleeping on our stomachs, our necks bend unnaturally and an improperly chosen pillow can cause headaches and cervical spines. Ideally, we recommend learning to sleep more on your side or back. 

The dream pillow should fulfill the following:

  • has enough support for your neck, 
  • fits your most common sleeping position (on the side, back, or abdomen),
  • has adjustable hardness
  • not too tall and bloated, 
  • has memory foam,
  • is made of high-quality non-hazardous materials, 
  • has removable washable cover 

2. Bet on a quality mattress

Do you sometimes feel "broken" in the morning? Or do you have a sedentary job that can cause more frequent neck or lumbar pain? The causes may vary, but have you thought about how and what you sleep on? Quality mattresses is the alpha and omega of the healthy stern and good sleep. If you sleep all night on a lying mattress without enough support stern, it's high time to say goodbye to her and buy a new one. 

When choosing a new mattress, bet on quality materials and individual choice of mattress according to the type of your figure and your sleep habits. Focus on breathable materialswhich are safe and hypoallergenic, as it has for example mattress SARA Classic. Choose mattresses according to hardness and in his own way weight categories, this will ensure proper back support. For comfort lovers in the higher weight category will fit our mattress SARA Komfort. The mattress also adapts to your age and health. This mattress, for example, is perfect for younger generations SARA Basic. The latest mattress from our workshop is SARA Spirit. A new element of this mattress is easily removable upper part of the cover - simply unzip it with a zipper and wash it separately. Thanks to this, you do not have to handle the whole mattress in a complicated way.

What to clarify when choosing a mattress? 

  • you prefer sleeping on a harder mattress, a softer, or something in between,  
  • what is your weight category 
  • you are allergic or asthmatic - choose antibacterial materials, 
  • if you have any health restrictions, you should feel comfortable on the mattress, whether you are sleeping on your back, side or abdomen, 
  • it shouldn't push you or be too soft, 
  • what size mattress you need

TIP: Choose a double mattress for couples that can be set individually for each one. All you have to do is choose any from us two mattresses and in the order you will let us know that you want a double mattress in one cover.

Ours orthopedic slatted mattress SARA he has in him built-in orthopedic slatted gratewho can do it fast enough and yet sensitively copy the body shape in any position. As a result, the body is properly supported, the pressure on the interplate vertebrae is released and they naturally regenerate overnight. It remains in the side position when sleeping the axis of the spine is straight, when lying on your back in its natural, physiologically curved shape. With a properly assembled mattress, you can gradually say goodbye to the pain and wake up rested and refreshed.

3. Extend the life of your mattress

You can significantly increase the comfort of your bed with a special one mattress protector, which perfectly protects it from dirt, complements the mattress with a feeling of warmth, or, conversely, cools warm-blooded sleepers. It also contributes to its pleasant softening and especially to lifetime. Practical protector very easy to fasten directly on mattress using special rubber bands. As a result, even often sleepers do not have to worry about the protector slipping off the mattress.

Why is it good to use a mattress protector? 

  • very good moisture absorption, 
  • neutralizes odor,
  • also suitable for allergy or asthma,
  • suitable for all types of mattresses, 
  • can machine washable, so it is more hygienic and prevents more growth of mold and bacteria,
  • protects the mattress cover from dirt 

What type of mattress protector to choose?

  • Suitable for winter and thermophilic sleepers WARMERwhich creates a perfect feeling of warmth. Eliminates unwanted odors with a deodorizing effect. 
  • We recommend for summer and hot-blooded sleepers COOLERwhich induces a cooling sensation. It is characterized by high heat absorption and thus provides pleasant cooling not only on hot summer nights.
  • We recommend for year-round use protector made of COTTON, ALOE VERA or MICRO ACTIVE

4. Meet the taste of your loved ones

Not sure if you will find the gift of the recipient with a specific gift? Never mind, try to bet on security and make your loved one happy gift voucher from JELÍNEK. Myou can choose from values 1 000, 2 000, 5 000 or CZK 10,000. Show your loved ones that you care about them and invest in their healthy sleep.

5. A gift that costs nothing

Last but not least, try to donate something very valuable that doesn't cost you anything. Good mood, peace and well-being. Because that's the most important thing. It is good to realize that the pleasant holiday atmosphere is not only created by gifts or decorations that you choose for your interior, but above all by peace and a relaxed mood. Have a Christmas carol, have a hot drink, feet in warm socks, relax on comfortable seat and take a look at a nice fairy tale. AND especially enjoy Christmas without hustle and especially in good health.

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