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5 tips on how to create a healthy and pleasant environment at home

25. November 2021 Healthy living

We spent last winter mostly at home due to government measures. The doors of many shops, restaurants and cultural events have closed. Whoever could, worked at the home office or had time off. The more we realized how important it is to create well-being at home. We said goodbye to the last warm days, pulled out woolen socks, a cocoa mug, scented candles and books. That is why we should focus on creating a pleasant and healthy home environment, which is particularly important at this time. So what do you think to make you feel at home? Take a look at 5 basic tips on how to create healthy living.

5 tips on how to create a healthy and pleasant environment at home

1. Natural materials are the basis

Wood has a very positive effect on the human psyche. Like other natural materials such as stone or rattan. In addition, these elements are wonderfully cozy and scent the interior. Focus on natural furniture and decorations. Wooden furniture from solid wood it is pleasant to the touch and to the eye, it smells and has a lot of health benefits.

Avoid chipboard furniture if possible, it contains a large amount volatile organic compounds (VOC) *. Which are various chemical mixtures of adhesives, paints and varnishes, including formaldehyde, which are gradually released into the indoor air. These dangerous compounds can last a long time harm human health. For example, allergies, respiratory problems or even immune problems in children.  

Therefore, it is better to focus on quality when choosing your interior Wooden furniture from solid woodwhich soothes, smells and brings joy instead of health problems. At JELÍNKA, we produce furniture only from natural wood without dangerous chemicals. Are you interested in how solid wood furniture is made? How does a piece of tree turn into a wooden bed that smells like pine? Take a look at us.  

2. Make room

Because the more space you make around you, the better you will feel. Build enough space between the ceiling and the floor and do not overdo it with decorations so as not to give the impression of "overpayment". Combine the interior with metal, glass, concrete if possible or materials based on wood (meeting emission class E0, E1 or CARB). Instead, avoid cheap decorations made of plastic and artificial materials. The airy interior with natural materials looks clean, elegant and you will feel good in it.

Bed AMANTA OAK / OIL NATUR JELÍNEK - furniture and mattresses

3. Light and biorhythms

Daytime don't forget enough daylight. Extend the curtains or blinds and let as much sun and light as possible into the room. Thanks to this, you will start your work activity and energy. In the late afternoon and evening, on the other hand, surround yourself with a pleasant and soothing one warm light with a color temperature of around 2500 K. It does not irritate the eyes like the blue emitters of monitors, televisions and mobile phones and prepares the body for calm and sleep. If you often work at home in the home office and you can't "switch off" and fall asleep quickly, get inspired tips for healthy sleep.

Whether a person wakes up in the morning alert and rested has a decisive influence on it choosing the right mattress. Orthopedic slatted mattresses collection SARA SPIRIT are made of quality, non-hazardous material. Thanks to the correct support of the body during sleep and perfect removal of body moisture, they offer a lot comfortable sleep. You can choose the hardness or softness of the mattress according to your weight category, even while using the mattress. Wondering which mattress to choose? look at our video with simple tips.

4. Clean air

Regular ventilation and air exchange are very important for a healthy environment. So ventilate as often as possible. Although none of us want to "drown god in the windows," air exchange in the rooms is necessary. And not just because of increasing formaldehyde concentration, which appears, for example, in chipboard furniture, floors, carpets or curtains, but also CO2 and other substances. If you have a household equipped with a so-called controlled air exchange, you have won. If not, open a few times a day at least on 5 minutes window wide open and ventilate properly. 

In addition, the fresh air will refresh you, encourages and can supply you with more energy than a cup of coffee.

FLABO bed with wooden headboard OAK / OIL NATUR JELÍNEK - furniture and mattresses

5. Get plants

The plants form a cozy interior, cleans the air, attboth great for our mental well-being and more they can absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde. These include, for example, chrysanthemums, gerberas, dracens, palm trees, ficus, philodendrons or, for example, kidneys. You will make the household cozy and, in addition, you will partially get rid of unwanted substances.


Living by well-being

What does the term mean? well-being? It's a term that indicates the state of human experience and evaluation of oneself and the surrounding world. The term is often associated in connection with healthy living. Environment, In which you live, it affects you a lot, and if you want to feel good in it, try to focus on a few things. 

It plays a major role in the interior furniture made of quality natural materials, pleasant and functional lighting, live plants and good placement of all interior elements. Last but not least, your personal belongings and decorations that will put you in a good mood and delight you. 

The interior should be timeless, this is the only way to ensure that it does not look fast and does not stop entertaining you. 

Living wall FLABO OAK / OIL NATUR CANDY sofa with PICK coffee table

What not to forget when furnishing the interior?

  • Choose primarily solid wood furniture. Combine the interior with metal, glass and concrete elements, or with wood-based materials.
  • Light. During the day, let as much sun and daylight into the interior as possible. At night, surround yourself with warm light and minimize blue (monitor, cell phone, television). Cultivate healthy sleep habits - warm light before bed, silence, quality mattresses. And wake up relaxed and fit. 
  • Fresh air. Ventilate as often as possible. Open the window wide open a few times a day for at least 5 minutes and ventilate well. Ideally, do not smoke in the rooms.
  • Get plantswhich absorb CO2 and harmful substances such as formaldehyde. These include chrysanthemums, gerberas, dracens, palm trees, ficus, philodendrons and, for example, kidneys. You will make the household cozy and, in addition, you will partially get rid of unwanted substances.

Do you already have an idea of what your interior should look like, but you are still unsure of some details? Get inspired by our gallery.

Or do you want to clarify what you like and what you don't directly in practice? You can contact interior designerwho will professionally advise you and create a pleasant home environment to measure. Try 3D interior design for free.

*VOC - Volatile organic compounds
Volatile organic matter or VOC is an organic compound of substances that can harm human health. The presence of these substances can cause various allergies, respiratory problems and immune problems in children.  
It dominates in the furniture sector formaldehyde. Multiple uses have been found in the manufacture of plastics, adhesives, cosmetics, disinfectants and textiles Its entire production is for the production of wood glue
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