Mattress SARA Classic

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  • Guaranteed 101 nights to try
  • SARA classic, cotton cover
  • COTTON cover
  • Spreading layer - NAWAPUR
  • SÁRA Basic/Classic/Comfort mattress breakdown

Mattress SARA Classic

Make your sleep more pleasant with a SARA® orthopedic slatted mattress , custom-made according to the needs of your body. Wake up refreshed and rested!  

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  • Free shipping from 200 €
  • Guaranteed 101 nights to try
  • SARA classic, cotton cover
  • COTTON cover
  • Spreading layer - NAWAPUR
  • SÁRA Basic/Classic/Comfort mattress breakdown
  • 101 nights to test the mattress
    101 nights to test the mattress
  • Breathable mattress
    Breathable mattress
  • Anatomically correct support
    Anatomically correct support
  • Non-hazardous materials
    Non-hazardous materials
Product description

Využijte speciální nabídku: Matrace SÁRA Klasik v potahu Micro Active nyní se slevou 5 %.
Více informací o potazích naleznete v záložce „Potahy“.

SÁRA Klasik mattress

Sleep pink

With the SÁRA Klasik mattress, the effect of the integrated slatted grid is maximally manifested when sleeping. If you have back problems or need to reduce the negative impact of sedentary work on your body or overheat at night, this mattress is just for you.

Unique lamellar system

The basis of SÁRA ® orthopedic slatted mattresses is a flexible slatted grid that is built into the mattress. It can sufficiently firmly and sensitively copy the shape of the body in any position, properly support it, perfectly relax and stretch it.

When sleeping on the side , the axis of the spine remains straight, while lying on the back in its natural, physiologically curved shape. Thanks to this, you will wake up refreshed and rested.

Perfect breathability

Sleep in a dry environment free of mold and mites

Thanks to its construction, the mattress has SÁRA® there is a lot of room for air inside and it is therefore highly breathable . This system guarantees good ventilation, quick moisture removal (e.g. if you sweat more) and creates a dry environment in which mold does not form and bacteria and mites do not multiply . The SÁRA Klasik mattress also has a removable, washable cover stitched with an anti-allergic layer. Sleep pink in a dry and clean environment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

101 nights to test the mattress

We believe in ensuring that your sleep is quality and without compromise! We know it takes time to get used to a new mattress. And that's why we give you the opportunity to try our mattresses in the comfort of your own home for up to 101 nights with a money-back guarantee .

Made to measure in Valašské Meziříčí

We can customize the length and width of the mattress according to your requirements. Easy even by centimeters. We will also be happy to make a partner double mattress for you according to the individual needs of each user. Just choose a mattress width of 160 cm or more.
As with all our orthopedic mattresses, there is also the possibility of individual adjustment according to the weight of the user.

Renewable components

The individual components of the mattress can be easily replaced. For example, you can change the spreading layer to another one as needed. Likewise, it is possible to purchase a replacement cover or replace the longitudinal beams that determine the weight category (thereby changing the hardness and restoring elasticity). The mattress will thus last for decades without you having to throw it away as a whole.

Spread layers

Choose the spreading layer according to your needs

The distribution layer smoothly transfers the weight of your body to the slatted base , making the mattress comfortable for everyone. During production, our foams go through the so-called crashing process, which ensures an open structure and porosity, i.e. excellent durability and breathability.

Spreading layer


  • Foam height: 7 cm
  • Surface softness: medium hard / hard

Cold HR foam with excellent strength and breathability. It belongs to the medium-hard or hard distribution layers according to the rotation of the knobs. NAWAPUR very well decomposes the point pressure especially in individuals with higher weight and lower stature. We also recommend this foam for people with wider shoulders.

tip NAWAPUR is a sure bet. It suits practically everyone and is also suitable for overweight people.
Spreading layer


  • Foam height: 7 cm
  • Surface softness: medium soft

Comfortable breathable HR foam in combination with TENCEL fiber opens a new dimension in hygiene and comfort. TENCEL fiber is made of cellulose and absorbs moisture in a natural way, which it then releases more quickly into the surrounding environment. This creates dry and pleasant environment for sleep, which is especially appreciated by allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Thanks to its elasticity, it can very gently support sensitive areas of the body.

tip The ideal choice for customers who sweat more or need to sensitively support the hip and shoulder area.
Spreading layer


  • Foam height: 7 cm
  • Surface softness:  soft

It is used for the production of this latex foam 100% natural milk of Brazilian rubber tree. Thanks to the revolutionary TALALAY technology, 100% is a natural hypoallergenic material with excellent breathability, excellent flexibility and long life.

tipNATURLATEX It is suitable for allergy sufferers as well as for all people who prefer a soft elastic surface with even body support.
Spreading layer


  • Foam height: 5 + 2 cm
  • Surface softness: medium soft

EMBRACE belongs to the category of viscoelastic foams with an open structure of latex cells, which they respond to body and ambient temperature. The revolutionary TALALAY technology is a guarantee of excellent breathability with an excellent thermoregulatory effect. Thanks to its anti-decubitus effect, the EMBRACE layer is also suitable for long-term people. We always supply EMBRACE 5 cm memory foam with a 2 cm layer of TALALAY LATEX.

tip Memory foam EMBRACE it's right for all lovers of luxury. It is excellently breathable and its anti-decubitus effects will be appreciated by anyone who spends a lot of time in bed for any reason.
Spreading layer


  • Foam height: 7 cm
  • Surface softness: soft

XDURA is a unique foam that differs from other materials at first glance. This unique material does not belong to HR (cold) foams, standard foams or viscoelastic foams. It is about universal soft foam suitable for your comfortable sleep without sweating or overheating. XDURA combines all the properties of modern foams and proves its quality with excellent test results of all tested properties.

tip XDURA is suitable for all who prefer a soft mattress while maintaining proper body support.

Vyberte si potah podle vašich potřeb

Matrace SÁRA Klasik má snímatelný pratelný potah ve třech variantách: Bavlna, Morrison a Micro Active.



It is made of 100% cotton. The inner filling of the cover consists of a fixed PES (thermally bonded) fleece. Thanks to its washability up to 90 ° C and its composition, it is a cover suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Composition: 100% Cotton

The cotton cover is more emotionally cool.


Innovative MORRISON cover consists of a mixture of polyester, viscose, modal, hemp and flax. Morrison is a quality that corresponds to natural fibers, extremely fine viscosity and practicality. Is also environmentally friendly.

Composition: 72 % Polyester, 19 % Viscose, 7 % Modal, 1% linen, 1% hemp

tip If you are a lover of luxury, you will be thrilled by the aesthetics and silky soft surface of the MORRISON cover.


It consists of three layers, which guarantees good moisture wicking and long life. GREENFIRST natural treatment is based on the essential oils of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus and is characterized by the ability to actively destroy fungi and repel mites. These properties can withstand up to 30 washes at 60 ° C.

Composition: 74% Polyester, 26% Viscose

tipPotah Micro Active Vám dodá při ležení pocit tepla. 

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