The beauty of solid wood in minimalism

MIA bedroom

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A piece of nature in your house

A combination of solid wood and clean design

The combination of solid wood and clean design in the MIA bedroom is an ideal choice for lovers of simplicity. Thin line on the forehead and sides
adds lightness and elegance to the collection. Another characteristic feature is the sloping exposed edges on the fronts and sides, which are repeated on the bedside tables and chests of drawers. The headboard is selectable in two heights and an upholstered backrest is a suitable accessory for more comfortable support.

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Beveled edges on the forehead
and sidewalls

The characteristic feature of this collection are bevelled edges.

Elegant line on the forehead
and sidewalls

A thin line on the forehead and sides adds lightness and elegance to the collection.

Upholstered backrest
on the headboard

An upholstered backrest is a great addition to the MIA bed. You can choose the color of the backrest from our range of fabrics.


it takes the wood to be ready for processing


was needed to develop the MIA collection


that's enough for you to mount a MIA bed

Top material from Czech forests

The basis is quality wood

Only thanks to really high-quality material is the whole collection so exclusive. This beauty is available in two woods, OAK and OAK RUSTIK. The OAK is clean, made of carefully selected knot-free wood. The DUB RUSTIK variant is characterized by its inconsistency. Knots and cracks underline the natural character of this tree.

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With lightness and elegance

Modern design and simplicity

The thin line on both sides of the bed adds elegance to tough solid oak. The bevelled edges contribute to the overall lightness of the entire MIA collection. This sophisticated design was prepared for us by a German designer Jochen Flacke. We embodied his thoughts in an honest piece of furniture.

How we make furniture
Color combinations according to your ideas

Options for your bedroom

In accordance with nature, it is possible to finish solid oak wood with furniture mordant (painted surface) or natural oil (without varnish). Shades of pickling and oils are available according to our swatches, or we can mix the shade on request based on the sample supplied by you. We make furniture made in DUB RUSTIK wood only with oil HONEY and NATUR.


MIA bed variants

We respond flexibly to your requirements. We will make the MIA bed for you according to your wishes in several variants and size ranges. We also make an upholstered headrest for the bed, thanks to which you get maximum comfort.


Increased version

For a more comfortable getting out of bed, we also offer an above-standard increased version. The height to the upper edge of the side is 5 cm greater.

Technical details


Head height89 cm99 cm
Height to the upper edge of the sidewall:45 cm 
Bedside tables (width):55 cm 

We also produce the MIA bed in lengths of 210 and 220 cm with a surcharge of ZIRBE CZK 2,610 and OAK 2,380 CZK. The height of the bed up to the upper edge of the side is 45 cm. The grate fitting is not height-adjustable. The space for storing the grate is 15 cm from the upper edge of the side.


01. 01. 2022

Price list for MIA bedroom in CZK


04. 04. 2021

Stencil of pickling and oils


04. 04. 2021

Installation instructions
MIA beds


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