Unify your bedroom with one line.

ELEN bedroom

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A simple line based on a drawing of wood

The elegantly elaborated line ranks the ELEN bedroom among luxurious bedrooms made of solid OAK and BEECH. A simple line based on a natural drawing of solid wood is incorporated in the entire collection. Shades of oils or stains can be combined in color in this collection.

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Two-color combination
for your bed

You can choose two shades for the ELEN bedroom, thanks to which your bedroom will be color-matched. Our experienced staff will be happy to advise you on the color combination.

Quality processing of selected wood

All products in this collection are made of harmless solid wood, which is then modified by the hands of our craftsmen.

Elegant handle

The line incorporated in the entire collection creates a comfortable opening on the bedside tables and chests of drawers. 

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two-color combinations for your bedroom


elegant line

100 %

Czech production

Top material from Czech forests

The basis is quality wood

We use it for the production of this collection hardwoods OAK, OAK RUSTIK and BEECH. Oak wood is durable and strong with a characteristic natural structure. Beech wood is lighter and has a less pronounced structure.

Our quality
Color combinations according to your ideas

Options for your bedroom

In accordance with nature, it is possible to finish solid oak wood with furniture mordant (painted surface) or natural oil (without varnish). Shades of pickling and oils are available according to our swatches, or we can mix the shade on request based on the sample supplied by you. We make furniture made in DUB RUSTIK wood only with oil HONEY and NATUR.


ELEN bed variants

We will make the ELEN bed for you with dimensions tailored to both length and width. The height of the bed on the side is 46 cm. The fittings on which the grate is placed are height-adjustable, so you can get the result

adjust the height of the bed according to your wishes.


Storage space

If you like to use your bedroom for all-day lounging and you do not want to see the bedding in your eyes, order storage space for the ELEN bed. We produce two types of storage spaces for the ELEN bed. The suspended storage space can be combined with all types of positioning grids, including a fixed grate with plywood slats.

Hanging storage space it is suitable for a room with underfloor heating - it is hung on a bed, does not touch the floor and can be tilted from the side.

MAX storage space is put into bed and touches the floor. It is possible to combine it only with MAX grates with side or leg tilt.



01. 01. 2022

Price list for ELEN bedroom in CZK


01. 01. 2022

Price list for ELEN living wall in CZK


14. 04. 2021

Stencil of pickling and oils


14. 04. 2021

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