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A characteristic element of the AMANTA collection is the illusion of levitation , which stands in contrast to the solid oak used. The design comes from the workshop of Jaroslav Juřica , who lightened this massive wood while preserving the character of a solid oak bed.

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Elegant night shelves

Night shelves as small wings give the impression of floating in space. The beauty of wood cutting is evident especially in night shelves.

Peg connections

Solid oak is supported in the construction by strong peg joints. Thanks to the use of real solid wood, the side panel can be perfectly rounded.

Dressing table AMANTA

A very elegant and practical addition to the bedroom is the AMANTA dressing table, which will be appreciated especially by women. 

The unique beauty of solid wood

The solid oak is emphasized by the pronounced rounding of the edges , which have a functional and ergonomic meaning - especially on the sides of the bed when it rests on the mattress and then on all the exposed outer edges of the furniture.

Floating interior accessory

We have expanded the AMANTA collection with a dressing table. It formally follows
on the bed concept. The mirror is elegantly set in the groove, the head of our deer
you can use it to store jewelry. An integral part of the table is integrated

Color combinations

Finishing the surface with natural oils makes it possible to lighten the color of the furniture even more and emphasize other details, especially the connection of the shelf to the side of the bed or the detail of the headboard.
In addition, the option of a two-color combination provides variability when incorporating into an interior that uses multiple color shades.

Bedroom accessories

The AMANTA collection also includes wardrobes and chests of drawers in various designs and sizes. They can also be customized according to the customer's needs.


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0.4 m³

lumber is quite needed to make AMANTA beds


successful debut of the AMANTA collection at Designblok in Prague

Top quality material from Czech forests

We rely on quality

AMANTA is made entirely of solid oak. No veneer, wooden veneers or similar solid wood substitutes are used here. All components of the bed or accessories are solid oak blanks or joints.

It is the massive DUB that creates the perfect antidote to levitation. We offer this tree in two variants, OAK and OAK RUSTIC . OAK is pure, from carefully selected wood without knots. The DUB RUSTIK variant is characterized by its disparity. Knots and cracks underline the natural character of this wood.

Color combinations according to your imagination

Perfect finish

In harmony with nature, solid oak wood can be surface treated with furniture stain (varnished surface) or natural oil (without varnish). Shades of staining and oils can be selected according to our sample book, or we can mix a shade on request based on the sample you provide. We treat furniture made of DUB RUSTIK wood only with HONEY and NATUR oil.


Variant with night shelves

We will make the AMANTA bed for you according to your wishes in several variants and size ranges. The bed can also be ordered in a variant without shelves.

Storage space

If you like to use your bedroom for all-day lounging and you do not want to see the bedding, order storage space for the AMANTA bed. The storage space for this bed is created by inserting the part at the headboard, side parts and bottom to the bevelled base. The bottom of the storage space lies on the ground.

Increased version

For a more comfortable getting out of bed, we also offer an above-standard increased version. The height to the upper edge of the side is then 47 cm.

Technical details

Other dimensions

Height to the upper edge of the sidewall:37 cm (NORMAL)47 cm (COMFORT)
Space for storing the grate (up to the upper edge of the side):15 cm 
Night shelves (width):33 cm 

The storage space for the AMANTA bed is created by inserting the part at the headboard, side parts and bottom to the bevelled base. The bottom lies on the ground. Part of the AMANTA bed with storage space is fittings for folding from the side. The storage space can be combined with all the grates in the frame (except the spruce grate).



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Price list for bedroom AMANTA in CZK

25. 03. 2021

Stencil of pickling and oils

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Drawing of the bedroom AMANTA


AMANTA bed assembly instructions

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