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Thank you for your time in completing the May satisfaction questionnaire

September 25, 2015


We strive to improve our services and thanks to you, our customers, we now have a lot…

Thank you for your time in completing the May satisfaction questionnaire


We strive to improve our services and thanks to you, our customers, we now have many things to improve not only our services but also our products…


Dear customers,

We would like to thank you very much for your willingness to complete the May questionnaire this year. We did not expect such great feedback and so many positive references! Thank you.

We also got it from you many suggestions for what to improve. The proposals and suggestions concerned both our services and our products, so we have something to work on on all fronts.

Thank you also for many of your suggestions regarding the name of the new design collection. The designs were very varied and imaginative and it was really hard to choose the top 5.

After a long decision, however, we selected 5 winners and rewarded them with an HUGO anatomical pillow. The competition is therefore already evaluated, but we will not reveal the winning names to you so as not to reveal the cards before the eventual publication of the given collection 🙂

We would also like to apologize that we can't respond to some of your questions. The questionnaire was anonymous and if you did not fill in the e-mail, it is unfortunately not possible to answer your questions.


So we will answer some questions at least here:

  • If you need to repair our product, you wrote a problem in the questionnaire and we have not contacted you yet, please write to us again at [email protected] and together we will solve the problem.
  • If your bed growls, it's not a bed defect, but the sound is probably due to the felt pad between the side panel and the headboard. Please contact us and we will send you free washers to solve the problem.
  • If you have had our mattress for a long time and you feel that it is lying down, all you have to do is replace it longitudinal beams (Replacement Components tab at the bottom of the page). Every foam material gets tired over time, but with us you don't have to throw away the whole mattress - all you have to do is replace the longitudinal beams and thus restore the life of the mattress.
  • I was interested in the kind of quality finish of the dining table and chairs. No one from the company called via the internet. Do you also renovate your furniture - surface treatment?

o We apologize if we did not respond, but we probably did not receive the message. Yes, in most cases we can surface renovate the furniture. Please contact us at [email protected] and ideally also send photos of the products to see what condition they are in. Thank you.

  • Are you not considering making kitchens?

o Unfortunately, we do not consider standard kitchen production, it is a completely different focus. But if you are interested in custom production, please contact us, tell us your wishes and we will try to do the maximum for you 🙂


If we did not answer your question directly or here on the website, it could be due to several misunderstandings and technical design of the questionnaire. We apologize for this and please contact us again, we will be happy to help you.


Thank you for helping us improve.

For the JELÍNEK team
David Jelínek
+ 724 201 018
[email protected]

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