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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How long does it take to make furniture?

We try to make furniture for you as quickly as possible, but we want to do our job well and honest work will take some time. Delivery time according to the order confirmation, usually 6-10 weeks. It is valid for atypes from the approval of the production documentation and after the payment of the deposit.

What are the advantages of solid wood furniture over veneered or laminate furniture?

Wood is a natural material that has its soul and energy that people are able to receive. The biggest advantage, however, is that the solid wood furniture is of higher quality and has a significantly longer lifespan and will last for generations if handled correctly.

A big advantage is also a much greater possibility of repairs. If damage (eg scratches) occurs during use, the damaged area can be reground. For veneered furniture, this possibility is minimal, for laminate repair is impossible.

What is your warranty on furniture?

We believe in our work and therefore we provide a 5-year warranty on furniture and mattresses. Of course, it is necessary to take good care of the furniture. Exceptions are longitudinal beams in orthopedic mattresses and electrical components of furniture - these items are not covered by the 5-year warranty. More information about warranties can be found on the page our quality.

Are the materials really safe?

Yes, you don't have to worry about anything. All materials are not harmful to health, we have certificates or technical sheets and confirmations from accredited testing laboratories for health safety. Their quality is regularly checked in accredited testing laboratories. More about certificates.

How long will the furniture last?

Our furniture will last you for generations and we guarantee it in our own name. We choose from quality materials and we stand for precise processing. Of course, it is important to take good care of the furniture, because wood is a natural material. If you place the furniture in an undesirable, eg humid environment, the wood may start to work and twist. We also do not recommend having furniture exposed to direct sunlight to avoid significant discoloration.

What is the difference between oak and beech?

Both wood species are hard, very high quality for furniture production. The oak is darker, it has a more pronounced drawing of wood. BEECH wood is lighter, more flexible and that is why we also use it for the production of bentwood furniture.

Will you deliver the furniture to our apartment? How much does it cost?

We can, of course, transport your furniture by our own transport throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia or also via the contract carrier TOPTRANS or DPD. If you choose our transport JELÍNEK, we charge 2 % from the price orders at a distance of up to 100 km (the minimum price of imports is CZK 290) from Valašské Meziříčí and 3 % from the price orders at a distance of more than 100 km (the minimum price of imports is CZK 290). 

TOPTRANS transport is suitable for larger shipments, especially for mattresses, components and accessories thanks to fast delivery times (3-7 days for standard mattresses and accessories). The driver unloads the goods behind the first lockable door. The price is calculated based on your delivery address (postal code) and the shipping weight of the entire order. In the case of cash on delivery, the driver can only pay in cash.

DPD transport is suitable for smaller shipments (components, protectors, covers, etc.). The price for transport is from CZK 200 depending on the shipment. Delivery time is up to one week. The price of TOPTRANS transport depends on the weight of the products and the distance - it is always calculated for a specific order.

Will you assemble our furniture? How much does assembly cost?

Of course, we will arrange the installation for you. Our professional technicians can take out and assemble furniture for your apartment at your request. We charge for installation with delivery to the apartment 3 % from the order price before discount.

I'd like to buy chests of drawers and wardrobes for my bed later. Will you continue to produce furniture?

We have been on the market for many years and we have no problem making a wardrobe, chest of drawers or other addition to your existing bedroom, even if you bought it several years ago. Since wood is a natural material, expect solid wood to change color slightly due to light and heat. Newly made furniture will acquire the same shade over time.

Should I choose oil or pickling instead?

Both finishes are high quality and each has its advantage. The oil emphasizes the natural drawing of the wood more and is currently more popular than lacquered pickling. If you damage the furniture, simply sand the wood, rub in natural or pigmented oil and you will not recognize that the damage has occurred. The surface treatment with varnish is more practical for maintenance, varnish strengthens the surface of the wood and makes the furniture more resistant to damage. A lacquered surface is more shiny than an oiled surface. If lacquered furniture is damaged, the repair is a bit more complicated. In this case, we recommend entrusting the piece of furniture to our care.

We have well-preserved wardrobes / other furniture at home. Will you make us a bed for them in the same shade?

Definitely yes. You can choose the surface finish of the furniture in a natural design - varnish or oil or we can also modify solid wood by staining or oiling in color shades from the basic swatches. If you have a specific wish, do not hesitate to let us know. Give us or send us a sample of the required color (eg part of the furniture, color swatch,…), we will mix the required surface treatment and send you a sample for approval. Once you approve the sample, we can start production.

How is oil or pickling maintained?

Wood is a natural material and absorbs oil naturally. Therefore, we recommend revitalizing the surface of the furniture at least once a year with a spray oil intended for the treatment of natural wood. We recommend using our treatment kit for cleaning furniture with oil treatment.

For the treatment of lacquered furniture, we only recommend wiping with a damp cloth.

How long should the bed be, wide and high?

The comfortable bed should be large enough in the first place. The ideal width of the bed is 90-100 cm. For a comfortable stretch, we should choose a bed 30-40 cm longer than our figure. It is also advisable to think about the height of the bed. The JELÍNEK company offers high customers as well as seniors, for whom comfortable getting up and sitting on the bed is important, beds GABRIELA PLUS and MICHAELA PLUS. The height to the side of the side is 50 cm for these beds. The overall height can also be affected by the height of the slat and the height of the mattress.

Will you make a shelf, table or other custom-made furniture for our bedroom?

Yes, we are able to respond flexibly to your atypical requirements. In our production program we also offer the making of atypical orders. In this case, we need drawing documentation and then we will create an individual calculation for you. That's enough for us contact.

We live in the attic. Will you adjust the wardrobe and the headboard of the bed?

Yes, we are able to respond flexibly to these atypical requirements. Don't hesitate to contact us contact.


How does the FREE mattress return guarantee work?
  1. Buy the SÁRA orthopedic slatted mattress from us in any configuration and in any size.
  2. Sleep on the SÁRA mattress for at least 14 days after delivery.
  3. If the mattress does not suit you after this time, you can ask us to change it to another weight category (i.e. change the longitudinal beams, which is a decisive element of the mattress' stiffness). Just contact us at [email protected] or
    on +420 602 575 091.
  4. Replacement of longitudinal beams is at our expense. You can pick up the new longitudinal beams free of charge at our corporate stores or we will deliver them to you for CZK 290 including VAT. We will collect the existing longitudinal beams back from you.
  5. If you feel that other components in the mattress (e.g. spreading layer) need to be replaced after replacing the longitudinal beams, (e.g. spreading layer), you will only pay the difference in the price of the mattresses (by replacing the spreading layer you will get a new type of mattress). You can pick up the spreading layer again free of charge at our company stores or we will deliver it to you for 290 CZK including VAT.
  6. Replacing the components in the mattress is simple and you can do it yourself, but if you would like a visit from our technician, just order this service for 400 CZK including VAT. Our technician will arrive on the agreed date and ensure the replacement of components and the inspection of the mattress.
  7. If you are still not satisfied with the replacement of the components in the mattress, you can return the mattress to us if you are not satisfied within 101 days of delivery. You can return the mattress free of charge at our company showrooms or we will pick it up at your home. After checking the mattress (whether it is dirty or damaged), we will refund you the full amount minus any shipping costs.
  8. The satisfaction guarantee does not apply to changing the mattress cover.
  9. The satisfaction guarantee and the conditions for returning the mattress do not affect your legal rights.
Where can I try the mattress?

The mattress should fit like a jacket and that is why we try to make sure that you can try the mattress in as many places as possible. You can try the mattress on our corporate stores au business partners company JELÍNEK. In all our corporate stores and in most certified partners (you will find in the detail of the store) you can try absolutely all variants of our mattresses SARA Classic, SARA KomfortSARA SPIRIT, which are the most popular mattresses for customers.

How long does it take to make a mattress?

We are usually able to produce our mattresses within 2 - 5 days. But if you have an atypical wish, the production time will be longer. Of course, we will tell you the exact delivery date immediately, usually 2 to 3 weeks.

Are your mattresses really high quality and harmless to health?

Yes, you don't have to worry. We use certified health-safe materials for the production of our mattresses, and we regularly check the quality of the mattresses in a state testing facility. The materials are harmless to health and have the ÖKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate. A large number of materials are tested in the test room in Vienna and some in the accredited test room of the Mendel University in Brno.

The CZECH FURNITURE QUALITY certificate inspects all materials used in the certified product and issues test reports. Our products succeeded in excellent both in terms of materials used, but also measured properties.  

SÁRA mattresses received the CZECH FURNITURE QUALITY certificate. SARA mattress also won 6 CZECH MADE awards. More about our certificates.

How long does the mattress last / what is its lifespan?

With daily use, the mattress lasts 8-12 years as standard. The advantage of orthopedic slatted mattresses produced by the JELÍNEK company is the easy replacement of all of them components, especially the most stressed longitudinal beams, so after years you don't have to buy a new mattress, but you only need to replace worn parts for a reasonable price.

What is the warranty on your mattress?

We provide premium for all mattresses 5 year warranty. The spreading layers are guaranteed for 24 months. For wooden slats in orthopedic mattresses is a lifetime warranty, if your lamella accidentally breaks.

What happens when the mattress lies down?

Each foam material gets tired over time and the mattress can lie down. With our mattresses, however, you can restore the flexibility of the mattress thanks to replaceable spring beams. You can easily unzip the mattress cover, remove the "tired" spring beams or the spreading layer and replace them with new foams. We have video instructions for restoring mattresses here. So you only need to replace the worn parts and you don't have to buy a new mattress and throw away the old one. In this way, you save not only your wallet, but also the environment.

The purchased mattress is too hard / soft, can I replace it with another one?

If you have chosen an unsatisfactory mattress stiffness, you have the option of replacing the spring beams with a different weight category. Even after long-term use, you can purchase other beams and change the stiffness of the mattress. It's enough for us contact and communicate your wishes.

Why are your slatted mattresses orthopedic?

Flexible lamella grate in mattress SARA it sensitively copies and supports the skeletal structure of the body. We can adjust the suspension to the user's weight. During sleep, the required relaxation occurs, while there is no transverse flexion of the body. An orthopedic mattress and other doctors recommend a mattress with an orthopedic grid. We also supply the SARA mattress to sanatoriums, where the musculoskeletal system is treated. Orthopedic slatted mattresses are the ideal solution for healthy sleep!

Is it possible to wash the mattress cover?

Yes. A wash cover is desirable if you want to maintain proper mattress hygiene. We produce mattresses in several variants of covers. Cotton cover - washability up to 90 ° C, MicroActive up to 60 ° C and AloeVera also up to 60 ° C, Morrison - washability up to 40 ° C, Synchronic - up to 30 ° C, Hemp - up to 30 ° C. 

How often should I wash the cover?

We recommend washing the cover at least once a year to maintain proper mattress hygiene.

Is the mattress suitable for allergy sufferers?

It is especially suitable thanks to suitably used breathable and non-hazardous materials and the entire construction of the mattress. There is a large amount of air in the mattress and it is very easy to exchange it. The mattress thus "breathes" and does not create an undesirable humid environment for bacteria, mites and fungi, which will be appreciated not only by allergy sufferers. The mattress can also be perfectly divided to flow. In addition, it is possible to wash all the covers we offer, which is also necessary for proper mattress hygiene. In extreme cases, it is possible to wash or rinse essentially all parts of the mattress in water except the slats.

Can you make me a custom mattress?

We are able to produce the mattress in almost any required size. For atypical spaces, we are also able to produce mattresses with a slope or rounding. That's enough for us contact and we will make the mattress according to your ideas.

Are mattresses also suitable for children?

Certainly. It is important that even a small child enjoys sleeping on an air mattress made of high-quality, non-hazardous materials. Due to the fact that the growth in children is not complete and thus also the development of the skeletal structure of the body, doctors recommend a firmer mattress for children. We often advise parents to follow the genetics when choosing a mattress. If you buy our any orthopedic slatted mattress, in adulthood, mattress users can only renew the spring components and thus extend the life of the mattress or thus simply change the weight category.

I sweat too much during sleep. Which mattress is right for me?

We recommend that you choose any of ours orthopedic slatted mattress, preferably with an extremely breathable CELLPUR spreading layer (foam). Comfortable PUR foam in combination with TENCEL fiber opens up a new dimension in hygiene and comfort. TENCEL fiber absorbs moisture in a natural way, which it then easily releases into the environment. This creates a dry and pleasant environment for sleep, which will be appreciated especially by allergy sufferers and asthmatics or people who sweat more at night.

I am allergic, my doctor recommended BIO foam. Do you have it on offer?

Therefore, when choosing a mattress, choose the NAWAPUR spreading layer. It is a natural, ecological, breathable BIO foam, the component of which is a plant extract from the herb common herb, known as castor oil. The foam has excellent mechanical properties such as strength, flexibility and elasticity.

What if the lamella in an orthopedic mattress breaks?

We guarantee a lifetime warranty on wooden slats in orthopedic mattresses. The slats do not normally crack, but sometimes we can overlook a smaller knot, for example, and the lamella can break over time. It's enough for us call or write and we will supply you with a new one for free. 

What if we lie two on an orthopedic slatted mattress?

You will definitely not damage the mattress if more people sit, lie or relax on it. But the orthopedic slatted frame placed inside the mattress adapts to the load, sensitively copies and supports the curves of the body. Due to the fact that each person has a different height, weight and different curves, it is ideal for healthy sleep that one person sleeps on the grill.

Do you also offer medical pillows for mattresses?

Due to the fact that no mattress adapts to the body so sensitively as to support the cervical spine, we offer for healthy sleep anatomically shaped neck pillows. We make the HUGO and HUGO LUX pillows from lazy Termopur foam. Both pillows have removable wash covers and by changing the cores of different stiffness, it is possible to adjust the hardness of the pillow. With the HUGO LUX pillow, the height of the pillow can also be changed.

I changed my weight during pregnancy. Do I need a new mattress?

Sleeping on a softer mattress will not hurt you during pregnancy. If you still need a harder mattress, you can only buy a firmer one longitudinal beams and for the period of pregnancy you strengthen the mattress.

How long will I get used to the new mattress?

It is not possible to say in general how long you will get used to the mattress. This is an individual matter. There are customers who are excited about the mattress during the first sleep on the mattress. If you have major health problems, it sometimes takes patience and time. During sleep and rolling on the mattress, not only does the desired muscle relaxation occur, but also the skeletal structure of the body is relaxed, especially the intercostal muscles and discs. When getting up in the morning, the body naturally reacts in such a way that everything that has been stretched and relaxed tries to return to its original, albeit bad, position. This is sometimes accompanied by a feeling of breakage. Before everything is arranged as desired, the individual may initially perceive it unfavorably. It is definitely worth overcoming this period!

How are ZORA longitudinal members different?

ZORA side members were developed for customers who need the stiffness of the mattress to be individually adjusted in a certain area (eg hips or shoulders). The user can insert or remove foam cores of different hardness into the holes in the spring beams, thus reinforcing or softening the area. A complete set of cores of all stiffness is included in every package with ZORA longitudinal members.