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Sleep hygiene - the basis of quality sleep

18. Februar 2022

Good sleep is an important basis of our energy and good mood during the day. It is also very closely related to our state of health. If you want to feel comfortable and at the same time really relax well, it is important to create good sleep hygiene. What do these habits include that will lead you to a better quality of sleep? We will explain this to you in this article.

Sleep hygiene - the basis of quality sleep

What does sleep hygiene include?

Sleep hygiene involves creating such bedroom, in which you will feel good and which will support both the quality of sleep and your mental well-being. Quality bed made of natural wood se correctly selected mattresses, Pillows and bed linen are the basis of every cozy bedroom. They are no less important, of course sleep habits. So how do you get the best sleep?

1. Bedroom, a place for your rest

The bedroom should only serve to sleep a to an intimate life. Therefore, do not perform any other activities in bed, such as eating, rolling, watching movies, etc., which only take you away from sleep. Limit the use of electronics, which creates electrosmog and thus disrupts the natural sleep rhythm. 

When choosing bedding, beds and the whole bedroom interior give soothing priority pastel colors. Furnish your bedroom in a minimalist style, it will look airy and you will sleep better. 

Don't forget the natural air circulation in the room - this is what will help you achieve a deeper sleep and thus better regenerative effects. Only in a ventilated bedroom can you fully relax. Optimal room temperature is 18-20 ° C. Remove from the bedroom anything that could disturb you in any way. If this is not possible, use earplugs. 

Try to have a bedroom as much as possible obscured. Use blackout curtains or get a sleeping mask. Light prevents creation melatonin hormonewhich is very important for quality sleep. It tells the body that night is coming. It is a stabilizer of biological rhythms, an antioxidant and affects a number of processes in the body.


“Optimal temperature

in the bedroom is 18-20 ° C "

2. The bed as a basis for quality sleep

Comfortable sleep is required big enough bed. The length of the bed should exceed the height of the figure, ideally by 20 centimeters, a suitable width is 90 centimeters (double bed at least 160 cm). Bed should also not be placed under the window (where the so-called pulls) or in close proximity to the heater. 

All materials used (bed frames, supporting slats, mattresses, bedding) it must be not harmful to health. Use natural materials helps with its properties to best evoke a feeling of cozy, a quiet and safe place to sleep.

3. Mattresses according to your needs

The mattress should be adequate Sturdy while sensitively copying the shape of your body in any position. When lying on your side, your spine should naturally level. They will take care of that orthopedic slatted mattresses tailored to suit your figure, but also your sleep habits. And why is proper spine support so important? Because helps to relax the intervertebral discs. These can then bleed and spine and the entire nervous system regenerates better. The difference between sleeping on an ordinary and orthopedic slatted mattress is therefore striking.

The mattress must "breathe", so choose a composition made of breathable materials. Otherwise, an undesirable environment suitable for the growth of bacteria, mites and fungi may form on the mattresses. It is also important that the design of the mattress also provides space for moisture ventilation. Find out more in our article - Mattresses suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

 When choosing, keep in mind that it is can be adapted to your individual needs - such as weight, figure, favorite sleeping positions and the like. Because this is the only way the mattress can optimally respond to your weight and properly support the body according to its curves. Try it mattress SARA, which we will make to measure according to the needs of your body and fall asleep on the right mattress.

For proper hygiene The mattress is suitable for removable washable or washable covers. You can significantly enhance comfort with a special one mattress protector, which perfectly protects it from the risk of pollution, contributes to its pleasant softening and significantly prolongs its life. Frequent washing of bed linen at temperatures above 60 ° C should be a matter of course.

4. Pillow and blanket as important accessories

If all night you are lying on a pillow that does not provide the right support for the cervical spine, even the best orthopedic mattress loses its meaning. Anatomically shaped pillow it sensitively supports your cervical spine, thanks to which you avoid painful deformities of the back and after waking up you will feel relaxed and refreshed.

Blankets choose according to whether you are rather hot-blooded or cold-blooded. For those who are rather hot at night, we recommend a light summer blanket made of natural materials, which wicks moisture well. On the contrary, for those who are more cold at night, a blanket made of warm materials, which consists of several layers, is suitable. 

5. Sleep habits, for better sleep

Make sure you sleep regularly recommended 7-9 hours and create a pleasant one bedtime routine

In the evening reduce the consumption of heavy meals, eat the last meal no more than 3-4 hours before going to bed. Avoid caffeine, tein and energy drinks, they have stimulating effects and disrupt sleep. We also do not recommend consuming more alcohol at bedtime, which puts a strain on the body during nocturnal regeneration. 

It is advisable to have breakfast before going to bed easy walk or read simple literature that will tune you into pleasant thoughts. With active exercise and movement (4-6 hours before going to bed) do not overdo it too much, you can wake up the body and disrupt sleep. 

Learn go to bed and get up at the same time every day with a difference of 15 minutes. Your body will get used to the routine very quickly, this will adjust your internal clock and you will fall asleep and get up much better. In addition, regularity will help you get rid of drowsiness during the day. Do you want advice on how to learn to get up easily? Read our article with practical tips


“Make sure you sleep regularly

recommended 7-9 hours "

A few tips at the end  

Sleep hygiene is not complicated. It's just a matter of mastering the right sleep habits and creating a suitable environment. All the steps you take to do this will ultimately affect how good your sleep is.

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