Nature in your home

December 2, 2013

If you choose solid wood furniture for your home, then you will bring a piece to your home…

Nature in your home

If you choose solid wood furniture for your living, then you will bring a piece of unadulterated nature into your home, which will radiate its pleasant harmonizing energy to you. Solid wood furniture will scent your home beautifully and bring a cozy atmosphere…

Solid wood have long been popular with our ancestors and found in it a strong and durable material suitable for a wide range of uses. Likewise, wood has been popular since time immemorial for its positive effects on human health.

Unique properties of solid wood
Wooden furniture in the room can effectively absorb toxic gases or water vapor, has storage capabilities and is resistant to electrostatic charges. Solid wood furniture it is also extremely strong, breathable and eliminates the formation of unwanted mold. In addition, its production has no negative impact on the ecology.
Solid wood is constantly working, gradually turning in inimitable natural shades and gaining more in its beauty every year. In contrast, various imitations of wood, such as laminate or chipboard, can even be harmful to human health.
The JELÍNEK company is engaged in the production of quality solid wood furniture in the series MASIV and STANDART. We use popular domestic wood species for production, such as solid oak or beech wood.
The energy of oak wood
Oak wood is very hard, durable and almost indestructible. It can perfectly withstand humidity and climate change. Oak wood is perfectly suited for the production of a wide range of extremely durable furniture. In ancient cultures, the oak was considered a symbol of longevity, strength and power. The Celts themselves, who were known for worshiping trees, considered the oak to be "the king of all trees." Oak was also part of the trilogy of sacred Druid trees. Oak wood has great harmonizing effects and thus contributes to a healthy lifestyle.
Beech wood energy

Beech wood is very strong and hard. It is one of the most commonly used materials for furniture production. It is extremely suitable for creating veneers, plywood or for the production of bentwood furniture. Beech wood strongly absorbs toxic gases and various negative energies. Our ancestors believed that magical powers were dormant in the beech, which could remove diseases from the body. Beech wood in the room has a positive impact on the human psyche and adds zest to life.

The care we rely on

Why make us happy

We provide an above-standard 5-year warranty on all furniture and mattresses.

We provide above standard
5 year warranty on all
furniture and mattresses.

We suffer from quality workmanship even in places that are not visible.

On quality workmanship
we suffer even in places
which are not visible.

Even after the end of the warranty, we continue to provide service and will come to you at any time.

Even after the warranty expires
we continue to provide service at any time
we will come to you.

We make furniture from solid wood without toxic substances.

We make furniture
of solid wood
and free of toxic substances.