Advantages of oak wood

03. February 2014

Are you looking for furniture that really lasts for something and will be more beautiful from year to year? Then we can…

Advantages of oak wood

Are you looking for furniture that really lasts for something and will be more beautiful from year to year? Then we can recommend you exceptional quality furniture from solid oak wood, which is known for its high resistance to moisture and pests. Its basic features also include hardness, strength, toughness and durability. What are the other interesting things about this popular furniture material?

Oak it belongs to the beech family and its fruit is an acorn. Oaks are widespread mainly in temperate and subtropical areas of the northern hemisphere, where due to their quality they belong to one of the the most important trees.

Oak-wood is one of the hardest and most durable woodswhich is widely used for the production of solid furniture. For its ability to withstand weather conditions and rotation for a long time wet and dry, oak wood was also used to make mill wheels or bridge piles. When immersed under water for a long time, oak wood petrifies and is extremely resistant to pests. Oak wood is also used in the production of alcoholic beverages. It is known that alcohol, which matures in oak barrels, has its exceptional, unmistakable flavor.

Furniture made of solid oak wood from the JELÍNEK company represents real quality. Oak furniture will last you for many decades. It matures over time and its appearance becomes more and more beautiful. The scent of wooden furniture will bring a real soothing atmosphere of nature into your home and is very easy to maintain. Oak furniture is also a perfect choice for families with small children and will be appreciated by people suffering from allergies. Oak wood can be used until each interior i do each room.

Oak wood and our ancestors

Oak wood has always been worshiped by our ancestors as well. The oak belonged to the sacred trees and was honored by the Slavs in our territory. The strength and longevity of the oak also fascinated the Celts, who called it the "king of the trees." Along with hawthorn and ash, oak also belonged to the triology of sacred druid trees (druids were Celtic clergy). Some sources state that the word druid can be interpreted as "oak-knowing". In earlier times, oak wood also had a high economic value, in Ireland the fine for damaging the oak was about two and a half cows.

Our ancestors also believed in the special power and energy that comes from the oak. According to them, the energy of oak wood had a positive effect on thinking and helped to reconcile thoughts in my head. Oak wood is said to have the ability to strengthen the human body and supply vital energy to the body.

Furniture made of solid oak wood from the JELÍNEK company

Firm JELÍNEK It offers you exceptionally high-quality and perfectly processed solid oak furniture for your bedroom, living room or dining room. The timeless design and great workmanship of our furniture will surely surprise you! Our products have already won a number of awards, one of the last being a prestigious award MODDOM 2013which has been awarded our unique ELEN bedrooms for top workmanship of solid oak wood and elegant design.


The care we rely on

Why make us happy

We provide an above-standard 5-year warranty on all furniture and mattresses.

We provide above standard
5 year warranty on all
furniture and mattresses.

We suffer from quality workmanship even in places that are not visible.

On quality workmanship
we suffer even in places
which are not visible.

Even after the end of the warranty, we continue to provide service and will come to you at any time.

Even after the warranty expires
we continue to provide service at any time
we will come to you.

We make furniture from solid wood without toxic substances.

We make furniture
of solid wood
and free of toxic substances.