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Practical chest of drawers JELÍNEK

September 12, 2014

A practical chest of drawers must not be missing in any household. Our grandmothers already knew this favorite piece of furniture…

Practical chest of drawers JELÍNEK

A practical chest of drawers must not be missing in any household. This favorite piece of furniture was already known to our grandmothers and nowadays, chests of drawers appear in the interior more and more often. This is mainly due to the fact that the chests of drawers look great, fit perfectly into any interior, do not take up much space and at the same time provide enough storage space…

Small size and easy handling

While massive living walls used to be a big hit, in recent years the interior has been given more preference simple and airy furniturethat can be easily relocated, and basically built anywhere. Furniture that meets these requirements are the popular chests of drawers that can be easily combined with the rest of solitary furniture.

Plenty of storage space
Chests of drawers it is used primarily to store things, such as documents, clothes, or other personal things and objects. In the company's assortmentJELÍNEK you will find unique solid wood chests of drawerswhich are very well crafted, and their design goes hand in hand with current fashion trends. You can choose from a really wide number of sizes of chests of drawers and their variants. You will certainly appreciate their spacious drawers and storage space with practical doors. You will also find in our offer chest of drawers with glass panels, which looks very luxurious and light in the interior.
Use of the top plate of the chest of drawers
Chests of drawers they have a number of advantages, including their small size and low weight over large cabinets. Another advantage is that the chests of drawers are low, so you can easily reach them when wiping dust. In addition, you can use not only the internal storage space of the chest of drawers, but also itstop platewhich can be used as a storage space, or you can display various decorations and room flowers here. It is also possible to stand on the top plate of the chest of drawers television or music player.
Chest of drawers for every room
In the bedroom, the chest of drawers can serve you perfectly, for example, as a bedside table on which you place a lamp. If you place a mirror over the chest of drawers, you will also get a practical toilet box with enough storage space for your make-up. Chests of drawers is also great for entrance halls, corridors or dining rooms.
Solid wood chests of drawers
Firm JELÍNEK offers quality chests of solid oak or beechwhich you can have stained of your choice. Chests of drawers are included living or bedroom sets JELÍNEK, thanks to which you can buy furniture for your interior in the same design.
The care we rely on

Why make us happy

We provide an above-standard 5-year warranty on all furniture and mattresses.

We provide above standard
5 year warranty on all
furniture and mattresses.

We suffer from quality workmanship even in places that are not visible.

On quality workmanship
we suffer even in places
which are not visible.

Even after the end of the warranty, we continue to provide service and will come to you at any time.

Even after the warranty expires
we continue to provide service at any time
we will come to you.

We make furniture from solid wood without toxic substances.

We make furniture
of solid wood
and free of toxic substances.