Positioning grates for the bed

October 30, 2013

If you like to enjoy your comfort in bed and spend a lot of time not only sleeping, but also reading books, watching TV, working on a laptop or just enjoying regular relaxation during the day, you will certainly be thrilled by our exclusive positioning grids, which allow you to set your bed exactly to the position that suits you best.

Positioning grates for the bed

Why choose a positioning grid?

If you wish to sit on your bed, you are only dependent on the awkward backing of your shapeless pillows without a positioning grid, which can cause you back or neck pain. The positioning grate can perfectly support your head and spine in any position, while you will feel comfortable and at the same time prevent painful deformation of the spine.
There are several options for the location of your grate. For your comfort, you can support your head and back, or, for example, raise your legs. In our offer you will find several variants of positioning grids, which allow positioning of individual parts and the whole body.

Variants of JELÍNEK positioning grids


Advantages of the motorized positioning grate

If you choose the variant of complex positioning with motor drive, you will get comfortable positioning of the whole body without any effort - at the touch of a button! You will appreciate this variant not only if you want to indulge in pleasant luxury, but positioning with a motor drive is also extremely suitable for people with limited mobility or for people who have been bedridden for a long time.
Motorized positioning grate JELÍNEK is powered by a quality motor drive MOSYS, which is standardly supplied with deceleration when switching off the el. power supply and with automatic disconnection of the entire device from the mains in the idle position.

What is the load capacity of the motorized positioning grate and which bed is it suitable for?

The load capacity of the motorized positioning is up to 110 kg, while the load capacity of the fixed grate is 160 kg. After consulting with the customer we can give you adjust the grates to a much higher load capacity


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