Solid wood bedside tables

October 13, 2014

The bedside table is an integral part of every proper bedroom. Next to the bed, it looks very aesthetic and at the same time gives you enough space to store things you need to have on hand during the night. Most often it is, for example, an alarm clock, a glasses lamp or, for example, a glass of water in case we are thirsty at night.

Solid wood bedside tables

Very often we also put an unread book or magazine on it before falling asleep. In this way, the bedside table can serve us in many ways so that we do not have to get out of bed unnecessarily at night when we need something, so that we can continue to sleep undisturbed.

Storage and storage space

if it is nightstand additionally equipped sockets or closable the door, in addition to the storage function, it can also be great as a storage space for a variety of personal items. It can be used, for example, to store jewelry or to store cosmetics.

Unified design

Although bedside tables are a small piece of furniture, they help to complete the overall atmosphere of the bedroom. When choosing a bedside table, it is therefore important to make sure that its appearance corresponds to the overall tuning of the bedroom. The simplest solution is therefore to buy a bedside table that is part of the same bedroom sets.This way, you will have a perfectly matched bedside table and you will be less concerned about buying it

Bedside tables JELÍNEK

In the company's assortment JELÍNEK you will find modern and at the same time very practical bedside tables, which are part of the whole bedroom sets. This way you will be able to have your bedroom harmonized in just the design and nightstand will be in perfect harmony with your bed.

Bedside tables made of beech or oak wood

Unique and very elegant bedside tables JELÍNEK They are made of solid beech or oak wood. They include practical drawers for storing your personal belongings. Thanks to this, you will have more storage space in the room, which is very practical! In case you buy solid wood bedside tables, you can be sure that it will last you for many years in perfect condition. Solid wood is very durable and is more beautiful every year.

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