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Seniors and tall people will appreciate the above-standard height of the lying area

December 12, 2013

Do you have problems with lying down and getting out of bed every day? Just buy a slightly higher bed! Young people who have no problems with the musculoskeletal system usually do not mind the low lying area. However, with age, this method of lying down and getting out of bed becomes more and more difficult. However, the higher bed will be appreciated not only by seniors, but also by young tall people, for whom this variant of the bed is much more pleasant.

Seniors and tall people will appreciate the above-standard height of the lying area

The correct bed height can be easily derived for comfortable lying down and getting up. The optimal parameters are such that when sitting on the bed, the feet are on the ground and the legs are at right angles from the hip down. Usually in this case the bed height is in the range 40 - 50 cm. However, if a person has, for example hip endoprosthesis, the angle should be open. The height of the bed should then be in the range between 55 - 60 cm (according to the height of the human figure). Pregnant women will also appreciate the higher lying surface.

For these purposes, we offer our customers quality beds with above-standard height of the lying surface. These are mainly bed MICHAELA PLUS, when the height of the lying surface is 51-63 cm and bed GABRIELA PLUS with the height of the lying surface 56-68cm. The height of these beds also depends on the height of the slatted bed and the mattress. These beds can be supplemented for a healthy and comfortable sleep orthopedic slatted mattresses SARAH. At the JELÍNEK company, tall people can have an extended bed length made by appointment.

Bed MICHAELA 180 x 200 cm

But a higher bed also has a number of other benefits than just getting up and lying down comfortably. For example, if you do not have underfloor heating in the room, you may feel an unpleasant cold or draft from the ground on a low bed. It is known that warm air always rises upwards and a higher bed could therefore secure you optimal temperature for sleeping. Few people may think that a higher lying surface is suitable for people suffering from allergies. Large amounts of dust and other impurities accumulate close to the ground, which can irritate allergy sufferers during sleep. An indisputable and at the same time very practical advantage of a high bed is also the fact that the floor is easily vacuumed or wiped under it.

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