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RÁCHEL furniture line - elegance for every day

February 17, 2015

Would you like to furnish your home with modern, elegant and at the same time practical furniture? Let yourself be seduced by the unique RÁCHEL furniture line, which in many ways exceeds your expectations and at the same time brings an elegant atmosphere to your interior with a real scent of wood!

RÁCHEL furniture line - elegance for every day


Elegant living wall RÁCHEL

If you are looking for a living wall that you can freely assemble and adapt to your wishes and needs, then this is just for you living wall RÁCHELthat will delight you with its variability! The RÁCHEL living wall will provide you not only with enough space for your decorations, but also with space for storing your personal belongings. Part of the RÁCHEL living set are practical libraries, spacious chests of drawers with storage drawers and favorites hanging cabinets and shelfwhich will perfectly complement the airy style of your living room and at the same time save you a lot of space. From the company's offer JELÍNEK you can choose only those parts of the living wall RÁCHELthat will really come in handy. All parts of the living wall follow each other without any problems. Living wall RÁCHEL is made of solid wood, which suggests that this furniture will stay in perfect condition for many years.


RÁCHEL folding sofa set

RÁCHEL folding sofa set perfectly follows the elegant lines of the RÁCHEL living wall, thanks to which you can furnish your living room in one modern design! The RÁCHEL sofa set not only looks very luxurious, but is also very practical. In addition to comfortable sitting, you can do it decompose at any time and create a bed for your guests. Thanks to this, you will be able to ensure a comfortable overnight stay during your visit to your home, without having to have a special guest room. You can also buy a special one for the RÁCHEL sofa corner part and create a corner seat at any time. In case of interest, armchairs and sofas can be added to order practical storage space. Each customer can freely choose the upholstery fabric of the set from the basic swatch JELÍNEK. The RÁCHEL sofa set is also included coffee table with glass top. A practical set can also be purchased with the set tabouret.


Bedroom set RÁCHEL

Fulfill your idea of an elegantly furnished bedroom and get a unique bedroom furniture from the RÁCHEL series! This bedroom set offers you elegant bed RÁCHEL, where you can choose the look of its forehead. The headboard of the RÁCHEL bed is on offer in wood, upholstered or in glazed design, while the glazed front can be supplied with lighting on the remote control. This way you will feel really comfortable! The RÁCHEL bed can also be ordered with a practical storage space in the place under the grate. RÁCHEL bedroom sets also include practical chest of drawers different designs and different sizes, night stands, libraries, wardrobes, bench to the bed, hanging shelves, nightstand, or silent servant. It only depends on you which furniture you choose and how you combine it according to your ideas!Rachel

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