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Modern and functional furniture for your living room

January 16, 2013

The living room is one of the most important rooms in any home. The family meets in it every day, we spend time with our friends here and we also spend pleasant relaxation here.

Modern and functional furniture for your living room

Because the living room is so much used, it is very important to customize it seating furniture so that we can sit comfortably in it and at the same time be able to use it practically. Firm JELÍNEK offers you a unique sofas, which combine modern design, comfort, healthy sitting and the possibility of further practical use.

RÁCHEL multifunctional sofa set

For example, we can recommend a unique one to our customers Rachel sofawhich can be used in addition to comfortable seating as well as occasional sleeping for visitors! The armchairs and the sofa can be unfolded very easily and quickly - thanks to a special folding mechanism, while the resulting bed can be positioned in its head part. The RÁCHEL sofa set can also be made with practical storage prostowerwhich you can use to store a variety of things! In addition, the RÁCHEL sofa set is very variable. By purchase special corner part you can easily assemble the corner sofa from the sofa at any time and vice versa. Thanks to this, you will always be able to adapt the sofa to your current needs.

Anatomically shaped NOE sofa

If you have problems with the musculoskeletal system, then the company can JELÍNEK recommend NOE sofawhich offers exclusive anatomically shaped armchairsand for your healthy sitting. Such seating furniture will ensure you pleasant relaxation and provide your back with support. Thanks to that reduce fatigue your musculoskeletal system while effectively preventing it deformities of the spineNOE armchair it also has a practical adjustable headrestwhich everyone can adjust to their height.

JEFET rocking chair

Do you want to try a new way of sitting? Then it will be for you JEFET rocking chair the right choice! Not only will you fit perfectly in such an armchair thanks to its anatomical shape, but you can also sway in it! This movement is not only very fun and soothing, but also contributes to blood supply to the back muscles, which has a very positive effect on your musculoskeletal system. Watching TV in a JEFET chair will be the perfect relaxation for you after a stressful day!

Stylish GEFER sofa

Do you like the style of the sixties? Then you can get elegant in your living room sofa GEFERthat will captivate you with its minimalist and timeless design! Distinctive bent parts of the furniture look very modern and at the same time original. You can also order GEFER armchairs with practical ones adjusting supports, on which you can rest your head comfortably and relax pleasantly.


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