Dining set DAVID

04. August 2014

Do you want to have a dining table that does not take up much space at home and at the same time fits comfortably with your extended family? Then you will surely be thrilled by the practical DAVID dining set, which consists of a unique folding table and anatomically shaped dining chairs. The timeless design of the DAVID dining set fits perfectly into any interior and at the same time does not take up much space at home.

Dining set DAVID

DAVID folding table

Folding dining table DAVID it has an oval shape, which makes it perfect for a regular dining table for 4-6 people when folded. However, the DAVID table can be unfolded to length 310 cm and such a long table can sit comfortably up 12 people!
DAVID table it is therefore ideal for more numerous visits by relatives or friends and you will no longer have to worry about where to settle your guests. When the visitor leaves, all you have to do is fold the table again and your household will be able to function normally again without such a long table in the room.

Extremely high quality material

Dining table DAVID is made of solid beech wood. The table top is made of veneer and the bent parts of the furniture are made of layered bent beech. Each customer can choose the shade of staining the table from the basic swatch. Individual shades can also be adapted to individual customer requirements.

Anatomically shaped ABRA EXTRA chair

Included dining sets DAVID they are also anatomically shaped dining chair ABRA EXTRAthat will give your back the right support. Thanks to this, the chair not only ensures healthy sitting, but also has an overall good effect on your musculoskeletal system. Dining chair ABRA EXTRA is designed to eliminate unwanted spinal deformity during a session while reducing fatigue in your musculoskeletal system. Its timeless design and elegant lines will surely delight you!

Dining chair ABRA EXTRA you can order either with or without armrests. Chairs with armrests look more festive and at the same time make it easier to get up from the table. Chairs without armrests are more suitable for airy and open spaces. It only depends on you which variant you choose. You can choose the upholstery of the ABRA EXTRA chair from the wide range of JELÍNEK swatches.

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