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Which spreading layer to choose for orthopedic mattresses?

January 14, 2016 How to choose a mattress

When choosing our orthopedic mattress, you have a choice of many different distribution layers, which determine how you feel on the mattress. Choose the right one that will be most pleasant for you. 

Which spreading layer to choose for orthopedic mattresses?


The spreading layer determines the surface softness of the mattress. When choosing materials for the production of mattresses, we rely on absolute health safety and top quality, which it regularly checks in a state testing laboratory.


Mattress construction

A breathable spreading layer is placed on the flexible lamella grate, ensuring an even distribution of the body's weight without point pressures, which is essential for proper blood circulation. The customer can choose a distribution layer of so-called cold PUR foam, TALALAY latex, NAWAPUR, or luxury latex foam EMBRACE. We have newly included the CELLPUR material.

All the above foams jcan be combined with a 5 cm high pad ERGOFLEX. The team will be created SÁRA Komfort mattresswhich is higher and brings greater comfort when lying down.

Cold PUR foam

Cold PUR foam DUREN is characterized by high strength and flexibility. It is a highly breathable material that has small protrusions on the top - knobs. These aerate the surface of the mattress even more, thus reducing the occurrence of mites that need a humid environment to live and multiply. Last but not least, the knobs have a gentle massage effect.

TIP: This foam is suitable for sleepers of all kinds who like a harder mattress and want healthy sleep at a good price.
Foam height: 5 cm



NAWAPUR is a natural, ecological, breathable BIO foam, the main component of which is a plant extract from the herb common herb, known as castor oil. Synthetic POLYOL is replaced by an extract of this herb in the production of NAWAPUR foam. The healing effects of castor oil have been known for centuries. To date, this extract is used in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. He has foam

 excellent mechanical properties - strength, flexibility, elasticity and long life.
TIP: NAWAPUR - it's a sure bet. It suits practically everyone and is also suitable for overweight users.
Foam height: 7 cm





CELLPUR is a comfortable breathable PUR foam and in combination with TENCEL fiber it opens up a new dimension in hygiene and comfort. Fiber



EMBRACE is the world's first highly comfortable latex "lazy" foam with a visco-elastic effect (sensitive to temperature and shape) with an open latex cell structure. Provides unique thermoregulation and breathability. It supports the body perfectly, does not create any back pressure and thus allows easy rotation. Lazy foam we recommend it especially for heated bedrooms, in an extremely cold environment its adaptability is partially limited. EMBRACE latex foam is always supplied in combination with 2 cm thick DURÉN KOMFORT foam.

TIP: Lovers of luxury will appreciate this foam! It has excellent breathability and prevents bedsores.
Foam height: 5 + 2 cm

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If you do not know the advice, do not hesitate to contact us contact, we will be happy to advise you on the choice of mattress 🙂

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