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How to choose the right mattress: A guide that will lead you to healthy sleep

01. July 2019

You have probably heard the recommendation that a quality mattress is a guarantee of healthy sleep many times. Behind him…

How to choose the right mattress: A guide that will lead you to healthy sleep

You have probably heard the recommendation that a quality mattress is a guarantee of healthy sleep many times. It is usually followed by general advice on how to choose a mattress. But another mattress will suit an adult man, another a child. We have therefore prepared a detailed guide that will lead you to a healthy sleep. See the detailed criteria for choosing a new mattress.

We almost spend in bed one third of life. But the length of sleep is not the only thing that determines its quality. The environment is important, the bed itself and, of course, the mattress. We often rob ourselves of nourishing sleep when curtains or blinds are too transparent and light from a street lamp falls into the bedroom, or when we choose an uncomfortable mattress on which the body does not rest.

Comfortable sleep

Choose a mattress tailored to your body

Each of us has a different body constitution, and therefore the choice of mattress must be adapted to individual requirements. It is not for nothing that the mattress manufacturers, who care about the quality of the products, came up with the idea that the product would adapt to the specific needs of the customer - that is, they would produce custom-made body mattress. This pushed the sleep level up a few degrees.

A mattress tailored to the customer it perfectly copies the body and sensitively supports the spinewho relaxes in her sleep. The internal organs also rest and the body gains strength. The custom-made mattress thus represents an optimal personal space for rest and healthy sleep.

In other words, it is not enough if you come to the store to buy a mattress and you can only choose from one type of mattress for a child, for a tall, strong or, conversely, subtle person. Just by looking at the body structure, it is clear even to a layman that his slender and small wife will not sleep well on a mattress that suits a tall, stout man.

What happens in sleep

During sleep, we restore strength - both physical and mental. Sleep refreshes the whole body. Regenerates the central nervous system, spine, internal organs, joints. In sleep, physiological processes slow down, heart rate and blood pressure fall. There is less adrenaline circulating in the body, but the level of growth hormone increases. For an adult who is no longer growing, it helps to regenerate old tissue with new one. The muscles are circulating. All-day tension is released. After a good and healthy sleep, you should get up as a rebirth with renewed mental and physical strength.

What do you mind about an old mattress?

You know doctors advise replace the mattress every 12 years at the latest? There's a reason for that. Even a quality mattress is worn out after years of use. The reason for replacement can be, for example, lying places or hygiene, because the mattress is sweaty and its condition will not be improved even by changing the cover. The average life of mattresses on the market varies between 5 and 10 years, depending on wear, material and frequency of use.

Before you start choosing a new mattress, take a moment and think about what bothered you on the original mattress. Was it material? Dimensions? Worse manipulation? A cover that didn't look good when you wanted to wash it? Was the mattress too hard, so your back hurt in the morning? Or, on the contrary, so soft that you woke up in the morning all over broken?

Write down the points that come to mind so that you have them in front of you when you go to choose a new mattress. They will be more important for your healthy sleep than the red glowing discount on a mattress, which may not be perfect, but is sold 50 % cheaper. But you already know that you want to sleep well, and you buy the mattress for another 10 or 12 years.

  • Mattress construction. A well-executed construction ensures anatomically correct body support. The spine should be supported in sleep in its physiologically natural curved shape, whether you are sleeping on your back or on your side. Only in this way will the body, muscles and spine relax and unwind.
  • Body weight. Obviously, a mattress that suits a hundred-pound man can be too hard for a 60-pound woman. A quality mattress can therefore be adapted to your weight. If you are at the weight category interface, choose the mattress that suits you best. Younger people and men prefer harder beds, women and older people prefer softer and more elastic mattresses.
  • Mattress dimensions. Equally important are the correct dimensions of the mattress, which should fit well into your bed. The bed should be long and wide enough. It is true that the length of the bed should be at least 20 cm longer than the height of the figure. The recommended width of the bed for one is 90 cm, for two at least 160 cm.
  • Thermal comfort. In summer the body tends to overheat, in winter to overcool. Neither should disturb you in your sleep. Mattresses or special covers can handle body temperature control. Even in this case, the emphasis is on individual requirements. Each of us feels good at a different temperature. For this reason, it is desirable to have a choice of quality mattress foams, covers and other materials, such as protectors COOLER and WARMER, which also extend the life of the mattress.
  • Airiness. Oxygen is important during sleep. We breathe with our whole body, so it is essential that the materials we wrap ourselves in are breathable. In addition, we sweat even more at night, we excrete harmful substances through sweat, so it is crucial that the mattress allows sufficient sweat drainage.
  • Safe material. Allergy and asthma sufferers are increasing, so it is advisable to eliminate the risk of mites and microorganisms that can cause allergic reactions or suffocation. The absolute basis for the production of mattresses should be a non-hazardous, breathable and easily ventilated material. Give preference to materials that have been tested in accredited testing laboratories.
  • Hygiene. The mattress should be easy to maintain. Removable and washable covers are a matter of course with quality mattresses. When choosing a cover, then prefer soothing and non-irritating colors. Natural shades are ideal for sleep.
  • Magnetic field. During sleep, we can be disturbed by various phenomena that we do not notice at all during the day. One of them is the magnetic field. Therefore, neither the bed nor the mattress should contain metals or springs.
  • Component recovery. During the life of the mattress, some parts of the mattress may wear out. Manufacturer's certificates usually allow them to be replaced, so you don't have to buy a whole new mattress. You can buy, for example, a new cover, a spreading layer and new foam beams.Decomposition of mattress layers

Choosing a mattress in the store

You already know a lot about mattresses, it's time go to the store and literally touch the mattress! Don't be afraid to relax properly on the mattress, try different sleeping positions, close your eyes and feel how your body feels.

Always reserve enough time to try the mattress at once never test more than 5 types of mattresses, otherwise you will be lost in the selection. Give your personal feeling and impression, listen to your body, you can get advice from the seller, but it will be you who will sleep on the mattress.

What to focus on specifically?

  • The mattress should be spacious enough. Find out if the manufacturer is willing to make a custom mattress for you. Skillful manufacturers will sew a mattress for you according to the assignment. Round or oblique shapes are also possible.
  • The hardness of the mattress can also be adjusted to the individual weight. Depending on the weight of the sleeper, it is possible, for example, to orthopedic slatted mattresses insert beams of appropriate stiffness for individual weight categories (up to 60 kg, 60 to 80 kg, 80 to 110 kg or over 110 kg).
  • They provide proper body support orthopedic lamella gratewhich is a timeless solution for healthy sleep. It sensitively copies the shape of the body in any position, it perfectly supports the spine, so it relaxes and stretches.
  • The surface softness of orthopedic slatted mattresses from the JELÍNEK company is ensured by high-quality foam. Top foams include, for example, PUR foam, natural TALALAY LATEX, ecological BIO foam NAWAPUR, extremely breathable CELLPUR foam, visco-elastic lazy foam TERMOPUR or comfortable latex lazy foam EMBRACE or XDURA.
  • The height of JELÍNEK mattresses is then affected by the so-called spreading layerwhich is about 5 to 7 cm high. After adding the orthopedic slatted frame, which is part of the mattress, the total height is 15, 17, 20 or 22 cm.
  • Along with the mattress, it is advisable to choose as well removable and washable coverwhich guarantees perfect mattress hygiene. The cover fabric must have adequate strength, flexibility and provide sufficient protection for the mattress. When you get two covers right away, you can easily maintain the mattress, because you can easily replace them and you don't have to wait for the washed cover to dry. The cover should be washed once a year.
  • For a double bed (double bed), choose two separate mattresses rather than one large one. Each will then be able to respect individual weight, personal demands on the hardness of the bed or health requirements. The mattresses can then also be rotated better on the bed and prevent them from falling down, thus extending their service life.
  • The price is important from the point of view of the family budget, but the cheapest or the most expensive does not mean the best. Therefore compare comparable. The price of the mattress is influenced by the type of material used, its bulk density and the design of the mattress. The best mattress ever is one that will do you the best service - it will give you a healthy sleep.
  • An extended warranty does not mean the same as a long mattress life. You will get a quality mattress 5 year warranty. Also, always care about what's in the warranty. The normal service life of mattresses is 5 to 12 years. Even after the warranty period, a good mattress manufacturer will meet your needs, for example with the replacement of some mattress components.

Common mistakes when choosing a mattress

No scholar has fallen from heaven, so it is natural that people may make mistakes when choosing mattresses. What to avoid?

  • The most common mistakes when choosing a mattress include the rush and little time spent in the store. Feel free to return to the mattress several times, test it again, come in a week and lie on it again for some time before you make a final decision.
  • Do not get a mattress that is too soft to immerse yourself in and you will not have the correct spine support.
  • Take your age into account. For reasons of healthy growth, parents should choose a firmer mattress with medium stiffness for their children. Older vintages then prefer softer materials that do not press on the hips and shoulders.
  • Be interested not only in whether the cover is removable, but also in what it is made of. The cover can significantly increase sleeping comfort, is hygienic and ensures optimal air circulation, helping to wick away sweat.
  • Every mattress needs a good base, and that is a grate. Spring-loaded slats often have a short service life and can break. The grate must be thick enough, but at the same time have holes to ensure breathability. Therefore, also focus on this parameter. The slatted grate with positioning is especially comfortable.
  • The thicker the mattress, the more space various microorganisms gain. Therefore, choose a mattress that will provide orthopedic support for the back and at the same time will not be overly strong. Mattresses 17 to 22 cm high are sufficient.
  • References on the web can be useful, but they are not always trustworthy, they are often fictitious. Therefore, believe in your feelings and common sense.
  • When choosing the material, keep in mind that memory foams are not suitable for colder bedrooms, because they stiffen and you can easily lie in them, which is not comfortable. In addition, they are less breathable.


Manufacturers and retailers often use advertising claims that try to push their version of the view of the mattress. For example, they often falsely state that they are medical mattresses. Therefore, always try to find as much information as possible on the manufacturer's website, ask for certifications from accredited laboratories. Don't even believe in special offers. Do you really think that with 1 + 1 you will not pay anything for a second mattress for free?

How to treat a new mattress?

You have successfully selected a new mattress and now you have brought it home. Allow it to air for one to two days after unpacking. Depending on the materials used, the mattress may "smell" new. This odor is not harmful, but ventilating the mattress will benefit you and make you fall asleep better.

Do not expose the mattress to direct sunlight, as the cover will fade unnecessarily. You will prolong the life of the mattress if you choose the right slatted frame under it. People who weigh more than they are designed for should not sleep on the mattress. Wash the cover at least once a year (or as needed).

Where can you get a new mattress?

Go look in purely Czech companies JELÍNEK, whose mattresses provide great sleep for more than 200,000 customers. See for example orthopedic slatted mattresses JELÍNEK or come and try them in person at one of ours or partners salable.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our specialist for healthy sleep

Srněnský David

Healthy sleep specialist, sales representative
M:  +420 724 211 243 | E: srnensky@jelinek.eu  | W: www.jelinek.eu



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