How to choose a dining chair

April 14, 2014

Have you decided to buy new dining chairs? Then you should think about what parameters your new chairs should meet before buying. It is good to clarify what the dimensions of the chair should be, what it should look like, what your maintenance requirements are and also to make sitting on it not only comfortable but also healthy.

How to choose a dining chair

Dimensions of the dining chair

The dimensions of the chair have a great influence on how we will sit on it. For free movement of the legs under the table, there should be at least 8 cm of free space between the underside of the dining table and the seat of the chair. Optimal chair seat height it should be around 45 cm, which are dimensions that allow the knee to be at right angles when sitting and the feet to rest on the floor over their entire surface. Of course, it is also good to choose the height of the chair with regard to the height of the people who will use it most often. Equally seat width should ideally be around 45 cm and in the case of a chair with armrests, this width can be significantly greater. In general, we also choose the size of dining chairs with regard to the dimensions of the dining area or dining room.

Dining chair design

The design of dining chairs should, of course, match not only the table, but also the overall style of the dining room. Chairs with armrests they make it easier to get up from the table and also have a very festive effect. Chairs without backrests they are again less formal and more airy in the interior. It is also important to think about the material and surface finish of the chairs. Of course, one of the highest quality materials is solid wood chairs. You should also consider chair maintenance. Upholstered chairs they look nice, you can choose interesting colors and patterns for them, but their maintenance is a bit more complicated. For upholstered chairs skin maintenance is much easier, but they are usually a bit more expensive.

Healthy sitting

Since you definitely want to really enjoy the time spent eating, you should not spoil it by sitting in a chair that is uncomfortable. In addition, we sit at the dining table several times a day, not only for lunch or dinner, but we also use it for work, writing homework, or we sit our guests for coffee. It is therefore good to emphasize that dining chairs provide healthy seating and have a good effect on our overall musculoskeletal system. These include anatomically shaped ABRA chair from company JELÍNEK, which will give your back the right support. Dining chair ABRA is designed to eliminate unwanted spinal deformity during a session while reducing fatigue in your musculoskeletal system. Its timeless design and elegant lines will surely delight you!

Backrest height

It is good to choose the height of the backrest according to your taste, health condition and size of the room. For smaller spaces, it is recommended to choose chairs with a lower backrest and vice versa. Of course, the higher backrest helps to keep the back upright and relieves back pain. In the company's assortment JELÍNEK you will find a wide selection of dining chairs with high and low backrests, such as highly comfortable dining chair SEBA.

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