How to sleep properly?

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Healthy and quality sleep is the basis for the physical and mental well-being of each of us. Bedroom in which we feel good ..

How to sleep properly?

Healthy and quality sleep

is the basis for physical and mental well-being each of us. A bedroom in which we feel good - comfortable bedding, lighting and blackout, a quiet environment, a quality bed - is another condition for a good night's sleep. However, despite following all these measures, sleep may not come and we will start to have problems.

We fall asleep in more than 30 minutes, our sleep is shallow, there is no deepening needed to regenerate the body. But often we wake up early and then we can no longer fall asleep. The result is morning insomnia, restlessness, feelings of fatigue and reduced performance even during the day. All this affects the quality of our lives and is mainly related to heart and vascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and mental illness. Between The most common sleep disorders include insomnia and sleep apnea (repeated respiratory arrest during sleep, associated with loud snoring). By observing sleep hygiene and creating the right conditions for sleep, we can influence a lot and significantly improve our quality of life.

"Adherence to sleep hygiene is the basis of quality sleep (so-called sleep ten). Creating the right conditions for good sleep should be a matter of course. These include mainly regular regime and sufficient separation of work and private part of the day, ie the art of switching, but also turning off our mobile phones and other devices in time. "

MUDr. Martin Pretl, CSc.





Did you know that most people spend up to a third of their lives in bed? If we indulge in quality and deep sleep, our cells regenerate faster, the aging process slows down and the body stays in shape. Good sleep is essential for our health and its deficiency can have a short-term and long-term negative impact on our mental and physical well-being. Good sleep is half the health!



Thanks to modern technology, intelligent lighting works in accordance with the biological clock of man. Change in white light temperature and elimination of the blue component of the spectrum in the evening or during the night. During the winter or long evenings, indirect lighting comes in handy, which enters the room by reflection from the ceiling. Intelligent lighting can replace the alarm clock and make getting up a little more pleasant. Of course, you can control and set your own mode using the CASAMBI application.


The bed is one of the most important inventions of all time. During sleep, a person is able to regenerate up to 90% of his physical and mental strength. Fulfill your dream of an amazing environment for your sleep and relaxation. Where else can you gain much needed energy the next day than in bedroom of solid wood. We believe that the design and perfect sophistication of natural wood will dazzle you as well.


Whether a person wakes up alert and rested in the morning has a decisive influence on it choosing the right mattress. Our orthopedic slatted mattresses from collection SARA SPIRIT they are made of high-quality non-hazardous materials. They are very comfortable thanks to the correct support of the body during sleep and thanks to the perfect removal of body moisture. The hardness or softness of the mattress can be set according to the weight category of the user even during the use of the mattress.

Is your sleep good?

It is also part of the sleep ten quality bed and mattresswhich must meet:

Anatomically correct body support 

The mattress must copy the shape of the body in any position firmly and sensitively enough, support it correctly and release it. In the lateral position, the spine axis thus remains straight, while lying on its back in its natural physiologically curved shape.

Perfect breathability 

It is important that the mattress is made of breathable materials, which guarantee sufficient air exchange and its construction provides space for moisture ventilation.


Hygienic factors

Of course, nowadays there are allergy-removable covers that can be washed at least once a year.


Tailored to a specific user 

Tailored to the specific user and tailored to the user so that she can optimally respond to his physical constitution.


Cervical spine support 

The anatomically shaped pillow sensitively supports the cervical spine. Even the best mattress loses its meaning if you lie down on puffy pillows. 


Sufficient space 

Comfortable sleep requires a large enough lying space. The length of the bed should exceed the height of the figure by at least 20 centimeters. The ideal width of the single bed is 90 centimeters (double bed min. 160 cm).


Fresh air supply 

Fresh air promotes the relaxing effects of sleep. Only in a ventilated bedroom can you fully relax. The bed should also not be placed under the window (where the so-called stretches) or in close proximity to the radiator.

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