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Is one partner double mattress or two single mattresses better?

12 January 2023

The choice between one large twin mattress and two single mattresses depends on personal preferences and needs. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Don't know which option to choose? Read our comparison and you will be clear.

Is one partner double mattress or two single mattresses better?

Partner double mattress

You know the feeling. You want to move to your partner's side of the bed when you suddenly fit into the gap between the mattresses. The romance is gone. And a shared sheet does not solve this problem by any means.

That's why they exist partner double mattress, where there is no gap between the mattresses. Double mattresses are usually 160, 180 or 200 cm wide. The length varies between 200 and 220 centimeters. 

It is generally said that one large partner double mattress is only suitable for couples who have similar preferences regarding the hardness of the mattress and want to sleep on the same surface. 

For our mattress SARA however, this rule does not apply. With our mattresses the hardness of each half of the mattress may be different according to individual needs of each of the partners.  Thanks to integrated orthopedic lamellar grids each partner can have their own weight category. JOne half of the SÁRA mattress can therefore be softer, the other half firmer. All our double mattresses have in common is the cover that holds the entire mattress together.

We manufacture all our mattresses in our workshop in Valašské Meziříčí, that is why we are able to make you a double mattress precisely tailored so that you can feel fresh and rested every morning.

Advantages and disadvantages of the SÁRA double mattress

+ pluses

  • no gap is created between the mattresses - the SÁRA double mattress has a connected upper spreading layer
  • we can do the SÁRA double mattress adapt to individual needs of each of the partners
  • thanks to two separate integrated slatted slats of the SÁRA double mattress does not transmit shocks while turning the partner
  • for mattresses SARA Spirit and SARA Boxspring despite the larger size of the mattress, it is very easy to remove and wash the cover - only the upper part is washed
  • double mattresses are suitable even for beds without sides – prevention of mattress displacement 

– minuses

  • double mattress not suitable for positioning grids
  • more difficult handling due to higher weight
  • for mattresses SARA Basic, SARA Classic and SARA Komfort more complicated washing due to the larger dimensions of the cover (doesn't fit in a regular washing machine) - but can be easily solved by buying a large mattress protector
  • the mattress is transported in a disassembled state, but its composition is very simple - alternatively, you can choose delivery and assembly by our technicians

SÁRA double mattresses can only be combined with storage spaces and slats that fold out from the legs.

To order a double mattress in our online store, you only need to enter a width of 140 cm or more, the configuration options for the partner will be displayed automatically. We are also happy to advise you in our showrooms, by phone, email or online chat.

Our partner double mattress SÁRA perfectly adapts to the needs of both partners, without a space in the middle and without interfering with each other when rolling over during sleep. 

Two separate mattresses

The second option is two separate mattresses. Their advantages include easier maintenance and handling. Cover without problems can also be washed in a regular washing machine. In addition, it is easier to ventilate or rotate the mattress, as it weighs less than a double mattress. If in the end you decide on two separate mattresses, it is important that they are the same height, size and are suitable for your type of frame and bed. 

For two single mattresses, the gap between the mattresses can be solved by purchasing a common mattress protector.

TIP: The mattress should be fixed in the bed so that it does not shift. Therefore, we recommend embedding the SÁRA mattress at least 5 cm below the upper edge of the sideboard.

Advantages and disadvantages of two separate SÁRA mattresses

+ pluses

  • easier handling
  • easier washing of the cover
  • easy dressing mattress
  • suitable for all types of slatted grates including positioning ones 
  • compatible with all types of storage spaces
  • each mattress can be used separately for a single bed if necessary

– minuses

  • gap between mattresses - can be partially solved by purchasing a mattress protector
  • single mattress is not suitable for beds without sides


TIP: The gap between the mattresses can be solved by purchasing mattress protector, which will cover the gap.

The advantage is that, all components of SÁRA mattresses are easily replaceable and in the future it is possible to make a single mattress into a double mattress and vice versa. 

Whether you choose a double mattress or two single mattresses, there is always important to consider the personal preferences and needs of both partners and choose the option that suits you best. It is also important to consider the type of bed, slats or whether or not you have storage space in the bed.

In case of any doubts or questions, you can contact us at any time, we will be happy to advise you on choosing a mattress or renewing it.

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