DIANA folding bed

The DIANA sofa bed serves as a comfortable sofa during the day. For daily sleep, the single bed can be divided into a spacious double bed. The bed includes two slats and two drawers, which serve as storage space. The DIANA sofa bed is made of solid OAK or BEECH in combination with slats veneered with natural veneer. The DIANA folding bed has a DIANA mattress and a DIANA backrest, which, when unfolded, serves as a mattress. The core of the DIANA sandwich mattress and backrest is made of high-quality PUR foam. For healthy sleep and perfect relaxation, you can also order our SARA mattress with a reinforced edge in the DIANA folding bed.

DIANA folding bed
High variability

Three possibilities of decomposition

Compound variant

The DIANA sofa bed serves as a comfortable sofa during the day. When folded, it measures 90 x 200 cm. 

Partially decomposed variant

The bed layout is variable. The first variant is a partial layout, where we get a lying area of 130 x 200 cm. 

Completely disassembled variant

If we unfold the DIANA bed to the maximum, we get a lying area measuring 170 x 200 cm. The backrest serves as a mattress after unfolding.

Useful storage spaces

Two practical drawers

The price of the bed includes two slats and two drawers that serve as storage space. The drawers and the support frame are equipped with wheels for easy disassembly.
The DIANA folding bed is designed for the DIANA mattress and the DIANA backrest , which serves as a mattress when unfolded.

Choice of armrests

Armrest variants
for DIANA folding bed

DIANA folding bed
with two armrests

DIANA folding bed
with left armrest

DIANA folding bed
with right armrest
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Used material

The basis is quality wood

We make the DIANA folding bed from solid OAK, RUSTIC OAK or BEECH
in combination with a dimensionally stable batten, veneered with natural veneer.

Top level finish

Color combinations according to your imagination

In harmony with nature, solid oak wood can be surface treated with furniture stain (varnished surface) or natural oil (without varnish). Shades of staining and oils can be selected according to our sample book, or we can mix a shade on request based on the sample you provide. We treat furniture made of DUB RUSTIK wood only with HONEY and NATUR oil.

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