Tabouret AMANTA

  • Design Jaroslav Juřica
  • AMANTA stool
  • AMANTA stool
  • Stool dimensions

Tabouret AMANTA

We decided to expand the AMANTA collection with a dressing table. We recommend the stylish AMANTA stool for the dressing table.

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  • Delivery time 5-6 weeks. info
  • Collection AMANTA is exposed in 6 showrooms
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  • Design Jaroslav Juřica
  • AMANTA stool
  • AMANTA stool
  • Stool dimensions
  • Honest craftmanship
    Honest craftmanship
  • Exceptional quality
    Exceptional quality
  • Modern design
    Modern design
  • Oak solid wood
    Oak solid wood
Product description

AMANTA collection

This collection was created in collaboration with the Czech designer Jaroslav Juřica, who chose solid OAK and DUB RUSTIK for production. For the entire AMANTA collection, the characteristic element is the illusion of levitation and lightness.

AMANTA stool

A simple and elegant stool perfectly complements the AMANTA dressing table. You can use it for sitting or just as a side table. Its use is up to you.

Furniture finish:

  • natural ecological varnish and all shades of oiled furniture according to the sample book are free of charge
  • all staining shades according to the sample book are with an additional charge of 5%
  • in the case of pickling / oiling on request according to your own sample , there is an additional charge of 10%
  • we only offer OAK RUSTIC wood furniture in NATUR and HONEY oil versions

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