HUGO LUX anatomical pillow

HUGO LUX anatomical pillow

The high HUGO LUX anatomical pillow together with the SÁRA mattress form an ideal combination for proper spine support .

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  • Anatomically correct support
    Anatomically correct support
  • Memory foam
    Memory foam
  • Removable cover
    Removable cover
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Product description

Anatomical pillow for proper "shoulders"

If you have wider shoulders or just prefer a higher pillow, HUGO LUX is the ideal choice.
Together with the SÁRA mattress, the HUGO anatomical pillow forms an ideal combination for proper spine support. The HUGO pillow evenly distributes the pressure and sensitively supports your head. Thanks to this, you will avoid painful deformations of the cervical spine and you will feel refreshed and rested after waking up.

Advantages of the HUGO LUX pillow

If you also need to adjust the height of the pillow for your comfort, we recommend purchasing the HUGO LUX anatomical pillow , which offers this option. In this case, changing the height of the pillow can be influenced by inserting or removing a 3 cm high pad (the pad is part of the pillow).

Cushion materials and dimensions

We make all HUGO pillows from the so-called TERMOPUR lazy foam , which has excellent shape memory and reacts perfectly to heat and pressure. In contrast to non-adaptable and inflated pillows, you can also adjust the degree of hardness of the HUGO anatomical pillow - by inserting cores of different hardness (replaceable cores are part of the pillow). The HUGO pillow is equipped with a high-quality cover with an extract of the healing plant Aloe Vera , which neutralizes odors with its natural aroma and has regenerative effects. The pillow cover ensures high hygienic comfort and is easily washable up to a temperature of 60 °C.

We now offer HUGO pillows also in modern covers MORRISON (washable at 40 °C), HEMP (washable at 30 °C), SYNCHRONIC (washable at 30 °C) and COOLER (washable at 30 °C), which is great for its cooling properties especially in the summer.
The size of this pillow is 60 x 40 cm.

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