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Stoly z masivu

Kvalitní stůl je základ

Stůl z masivního dřeva dodá Vaší jídelně příjemnou atmosféru a bude sloužit po generace, aniž by přestal být unikátní, funkční a krásný. Vyberte si takový, který bude perfektně splňovat Vaši představu o vzhledu, funkci a pohodlí. 



RODOS round dining table we produce in diameters of 100, 110 and 120 cm. The height of the table is 76 cm. The legs of the table are round and inserted into a metal base. The table can offer comfortable seating for 4-5 people.



Dining table SAM has rounded corners. The legs of the table, like the RODOS table, are round and set in a metal base. We produce the table in a width of 90 or 100 cm and a length of 160, 180, 200 or 220 cm. The table has a height of 76 cm. At this table he finds comfortable seating for 6-8 people.



The JOHAN table has a rectangular shape and non-rounded edges. The legs of the JOHAN table are square and, as with other tables, they are inserted into a metal base. The offered widths are the same as for the SAM table, 90 or 100 cm. You can choose a table in lengths of 160, 180, 200 or 220 cm. The height of the table is 76 cm. Comfortable seating offers this table for 6-8 people.

Beauty and elegance
solid wood
in your dining room

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Used material

Selected wood from Czech forests

We produce tables in two designs, OAK and OAK RUSTIC. OAK is a pure material, made of solid joints without knots. In the DUB RUSTIK design, smaller knots and cracks are filled in black. The acknowledged imperfections of this design underline the wild and natural character of the raw massif.

Modern design.
Joinery craft.
Family tradition.

Top level finish

Color combinations according to your imagination

Tables made of pure OAK are treated with acrylic varnish with the option of staining to the desired shade according to the sample book. Another option is treatment with NATUR natural oil or pigmented oil according to the sample.
Tables made of DUB RUSTIK wood are treated with NATUR natural oil, the top layer is durable table oil.
Large knots and cracks are natural in DUB RUSTIC OAK, which are filled with black.

Table variants

Variants of solid wood tables

The dining table is a place where the whole family meets for a meal. Choose one that will perfectly meet your idea of comfort. A table made of solid wood stands out not only in the kitchen but also in the living room. 










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Price list of solid wood tables and
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List of upholstery fabrics


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Assembly instructions RODOS table


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Assembly instructions table JOHAN


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different widths

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Usually 8 weeks from closing the order. But for immediate delivery, we always have something in our Outlet.

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Our drivers will be happy to bring you our furniture and, if you are interested, will carry out professional assembly on site.

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