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Dining set SEBA

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SEBA table

Spacious and stable

The heart of every dining room is the dining table. Invite your family or friends and set the SEBA dining table. Comfortable seating is guaranteed by a comfortable SEBA chair. We produce the SEBA table in a folding and non-folding variant. The maximum length of the table when it is laid out is up to 260 cm. Comfortable seating can offer up to 8 people. 

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SEBA chair

Comfortable seating

The chair of the same name fits perfectly with the SEBA table. The SEBA chair is firm, stable and offers comfortable seating. 


cm maximum length of the SEBA table after unfolding


people will find a comfortable sitting at the table


the SEBA table in our production passes through the hands

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Top level surface treatment

Color combinations according to your ideas

Surface treatment (pickling, oil) is included in the price. In the case of pickling and oiling according to your own swatch, there is a surcharge of 5 %. We recommend ordering dining tables with a wooden top in a water-resistant acrylic lacquer with the possibility of staining to the required shade according to the swatch.

Oil and pickling sampler
SEBA table variants


SEBA table variants

We produce the SEBA table for you in a folding and non-folding variant. The SEBA folding table can be unfolded by inserting another plate up to a length of 260 cm.. The insert plate is stored inside the table. Up to 8 people can comfortably sit next to it. The bent parts of the table are made of solid laminated wood.



SEBA chair


SEBA chair

The SEBA chair is a practical and comfortable chair. We are also able to produce the SEBA chair in a stackable variant. You can choose the color of the upholstered parts according to your ideas.






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Stencil of pickling and oils


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List of upholstery fabrics


Upholstery fabrics

How to choose an upholstery fabric?

Category I substances

Fabrics from this category are very high quality, but since they are made without a special surface treatment or without dirt-repellent fibers, they are therefore cheaper.

Substances II. category

Fabrics from this category are of high quality and have a special surface treatment, which makes them easy to clean. These fabrics have a TEFLON or AQUACLEAN surface treatment, which is very easy to clean.