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Offer research and innovation capacity


Offer research and innovation capacity for external entities

We offer cooperation in the field of furniture development, where the individual parts of the furniture are connected without the use of fittings by self-locking construction or bevelled shapes. We understand the active activity of research and innovation capacity as a higher level in providing an extended range of our professional services.

List of assets acquired within the project of the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness, program Potential - Call III, project "Expansion of development and innovation capacity of the company JELÍNEK - výroba nábytku sro", project registration number CZ.01.1.02 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16_092 / 0010023:

  • Homag Venture BMG311 CNC machining center
  • Computer technology (PC including accessories, laser printer)
  • Software equipment (CAD SW SolidWorks, SWOOD Design SolidWorks superstructure for furniture makers, SWOOD CAM SolidWorks and Postprocessor for SWOOD)

Services that can be performed on the facility for other entities under market conditions:



CNC Homag Venture BMG311 machining center

  • verification of technical and technological feasibility of developed products
  • prototype production
  • cutting, milling, drilling, shape machining at a certain self-locking angle allowing products to be constructed without any metal joints



  • technical design, visualization of developed products
  • printing of technical documentation and visualization of developed products

Software equipment

  • technical design, visualization of developed products



Contact person of the development department:

Daniel Jelínek, head of the development department
Tel .: +420 571 759 810
e-mail: [email protected]