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Tips for Christmas gifts with delivery dates to Christmas

01. November 2019

Dear customers,

Christmas is fast approaching and our production is starting to fill at this time.

Dear customers,

Christmas is fast approaching and our production is starting to fill at this time. If you want to be sure that we will deliver the goods to you by Christmas, we recommend that you place an order as soon as possible.
The deadline for ordering furniture with a delivery date by Christmas is 7 November 2019. For mattresses and accessories, we still guarantee delivery by Christmas.

If you still do not know how to please your loved ones, we have a few tips for you.

Tips for Christmas presents 

With the arrival of cold winter nights, we recommend for hibernating sleepers mattress protector WARMERwhich will not only warm you pleasantly, but will provide a warm and dry environment for a good night's sleep.
Warmer mattress protector - warming effect

On the contrary, we will certainly please hot-blooded sleepers mattress protector COOLER, which is characterized by high heat absorption and thus does not overheat the body during sleep Provides thermal comfort in sleep due to the cooling feeling.
Mattress protector COOLER - cooling effect

For a comfortable "not only" hibernation 

An interesting gift can also be quality orthopedic slatted mattress SÁRA SPIRIT. Its exceptional properties will be appreciated not only by sleepers with back pain. Orthopedic slatted mattress SÁRA SPIRIT we offer it in several designs, you can choose from three types of modern and functional covers.
mattress SARA Spirit

Something under your head 

We offered you a mattress and a protector, now it's time for something under your head. We choose from our offer of pillows HUGO anatomical pillow, which ensures an even distribution of body weight and sensitively supports your cervical spine. Thanks to this, you will avoid the painful deformation of the cervical spine and in the morning after waking up you will feel relaxed and refreshed. We produce the pillow in several design variants and different covers.
Anatomical pillow in Morrison cover

We are able to deliver selected goods to you in a short time - in standard dimensions, usually within 1 week. You can order all products either at our e-shop or we will be happy to see you at one of our corporate stores.

Your JELÍNEK team


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