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The BETINA bed collects another award!

03. April 2018

We have the first spring fairs behind us and we are happy for the next award! See what we are to the jury…

The BETINA bed collects another award!

We have the first spring fairs behind us and we are happy for the next award! Take a look at what we attracted to the jury at the Design Shaker in Prague…


This year we have participated in two fairs. The first of them was Furniture and Housing in Nitra, Slovakia, a week later we participated in the fair FOR INTERIOR in Prague. The Prague Fair also included a parade Design Shaker 2018where we introduced our bedroom BETINA made of alpine wood ZIRBE. Thanks to their healing effects, the products made of this amazing wood are popular all over the world, especially with our neighbors in Austria. The bedroom with a chest of drawers could be seen on display throughout the Prague trade fair.

As every year, awards are given during the fair. Our company won the Design Shaker 2018 show as part of the aforementioned show FURNITURE OF THE YEAR 2018 award for collection BETINA. "We appreciate the award very much and we are glad that our hard work is reaping success," said the son of one of the owners, David Jelínek. He accepted the award together with his uncle and owner of the company Tomáš Jelínek.

Photos from the award ceremony

A little about our BETINA bedroom

… When you enter bedroom BETINA, you suddenly find yourself high in the mountains. Just stop and perceive the specific aroma of the medicinal PINOSYLVIN, which is contained in a high concentration in the resin of the rare tree ZIRBE. ZIRBE alpine tree species is rightly called the QUEEN OF THE ALP. It grows at an altitude of 1600 m and lives up to 400 years. During its life, the tree accumulates positive energy, which it is able to transmit in your bedroom for a long time. Energy flows from furniture made of this wood mainly due to the fact that it is without metal joints and without any surface treatment. Wood can thus "breathe" freely and release its healing effects to the surroundings.

>> More about BIO furniture ZIRBE

We are very happy that our long-term work brings success and makes you happy not only for us, but also for you.

Your JELÍNEK team



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